The Yeti ARC is a true race machine. With updated geometry and a spec list that dreams are made of, see why this custom build has us all kinds of twitterpated.

Yeti has a long history building the fastest race hardtails on the planet. Just ask legends like John Tomac and Juliana Furtado, who pioneered the legendary alloy ARC. Now a full-carbon ripper, it does its namesake justice, with a scant 2.5lb frame weight and unsurpassed climbing abilities proven on race circuits the world over. Stephan gave us a call hunting the fastest XC bike he could get his hands on for shredding Santa Barbara’s climbs, and we obliged with this featherweight from the base of the Colorado Rockies.

The Yeti ARC

The latest iteration of the ARC – first of its lineage molded from carbon – shares modern trail-friendly geometry, pulled directly from Yeti’s first carbon hardtail, the Big Top. Still a cross-country rocket on the hills, it terrorizes downhills with aplomb, giving the pilot every possible opportunity to get away in the heat of the race. Pair it with the high-zoot build we hand-picked for Stephan, and you’ll understand why.

Stephan's Build

We started with a bare ARC frameset, and the inner bike nerd in us started to quiver. Sure, we could put any number of lightweight XC suspension forks on the build, but this one needed something special. The build’s keystone is the RockShox RS-1, offering unparalleled stiffness, incredibly supple suspension action, and dreamboat aesthetics.

From there, everything else fell into place from the Chicago component powerhouse. SRAM Rise 60 carbon tubeless wheels, a full SRAM XX1/XO1 1×11 drivetrain kit, and the new Guide RSC brakes perfectly complement their brandmates. A Thomson cockpit rounds out Stephan’s build for a true magnum opus of mountain bikes, tipping the scales at a scant 20lbs flat – on an XL frame to boot.


Bike Vitals

Weight: 20 lbs
Frame Size: 21″
Wheel Size: 29″

Want your own unique build?

Let the Yeti ARC’s verdant history into your life, and discover the magic of a trail-capable, race-ready hardtail. Drop our sales team a line at 888.880.3811 for a custom quote on an ARC of your very own, or for any of the other bikes and frames we have available.

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