Revin Cycling is a new comer to the world of cycling components, but the people behind this brand are steeped in years of industry experience, knowledge, and partnerships.  This unique combination allowed for them to refine the recipe to creating quality components that meet a high standard of performance, reliability, and value.  Jenson USA is proud to partner with Revin Cycling to help launch this brand to the cycling public.  We couldn’t wait to get our resident King of the Road, Oscar, out to put the rubber to the road on a set of Revin R35’s, and see just what these wheels could do.  Read on to see how he got along with these wheels for the last 2 months.  If you’d like to learn more about the brand, check out the official press release and the Revin brand page on

Employee Rating:

Most people who ride road bikes will tell you that carbon wheels are the best upgrade you can and should get for your bike. The performance is felt almost instantly and will certainly dictate how you ride from the moment put them on your bike and take your initial pedal stroke. As someone who mostly rides road, I like to look for anything that’ll improve my riding experience and help me feel and ride faster. So, when I was offered an opportunity to test ride the new Revin R35 (R = road, and 35 = 35mm aero rim profile) carbon wheels I happily accepted and did not hesitate to slap them on my racing bike and give them a spin.

I should probably kick this review off with a disclaimer.  I work for Jenson USA, and Jenson has worked closely with Revin Cycling to help launch this component brand into the cycling world.  With that being said, working for Jenson allows for me to have a breadth of high quality wheels to choose from and test.  Further, I’ve been riding and racing competitively well before working at Jenson.  So, what does this all mean?  Well, it means that I feel confident in giving an accurate and as unbiased as possible review to these wheels.  As I smashed out many miles over several months, I kept asking myself, “would I buy these even if I didn’t work here?”  The answer was a most definite YES!  Dig into my review below to see why I can so emphatically respond like that.

Product Design and Build Quality

The Revin rims are made from hybrid modulus carbon fiber, which is designed to provide an optimal balance of weight and strength. I immediately felt the strength of these wheels as I powered up all the short/punchy climbs I’ve come across. The communication of power output from my cranks to the tires contacting the road was palpable. Translating this power, these wheels come laced to DT Swiss 350 hubs which have more than proven themselves as an iconic balance of performance, weight, durability, and ease of maintenance.  The hubs utilize an 18t ratchet system, allowing for quick enough engagement without introducing drag.  This engagement comes in handy whenever you find yourself having to make quick accelerations.

Hitting up some of my favorite SoCal climbs to test these wheels and my abilities.

Weighing in at 1540g, they’re even lightweight enough to be considered for a weight-weenie approved build. This low weight makes them perfect companions for climbing rides that involve long steady efforts at a time. I’ve been riding them up Highway 38, which is a local favorite that peaks at 8,443′, making it the highest paved highway in Southern California. The Revin wheels made themselves at home on the long, grinding climb and even flourished when jumping out of the saddle to smash through quick and steep pitches.

“They roll smooth like butter and offer a surprising amount of lateral stiffness…”


  • 700c Wheelsize
  • Hybrid Modulus Carbon Tubeless Rim
  • Inner Rim Width: 17mm, External Rim Width 24.5mm
  • DT Swiss 350 Hubs with 11-Speed HyperGlide Freehub
  • Spokes: 20H front, 24H rear
  • Rim Brake
  • Weight: 1540g
  • Intended Use: Road


  • Tubeless compatible with include tape and valves
  • 35mm rim depth for a balance of aero, comfort, and weight
  • Hybrid Modulus Carbon was design to meet the best ride quality for most common conditions
  • Heat dissipating brake track creates consistent and powerful stops
    • Carbon-specific brake pads included in the box
  • Includes decal sheet with 6 color options to match your style

Included decal sheet lets you match your ride.

Performance and Ride Impressions

They roll smooth like butter and offer a surprising amount of lateral stiffness that I was not expecting from shallow rim wheels, but were more than capable of handling my all-out sprints and uphill attacks with little to no deflection. There seemed to be a touch of vertical compliance that smoothed the road chatter enough to ease body fatigue without degrading from the lively feel of these wheels.

The lightweight, wide, and shallow rim design makes it a purpose-built wheelset meant for a life of uphill assaults, which also happens to make it a quick accelerator from standing starts and sprinting out of corners. When descending or cornering tight, technical turns the Revin wheels felt amazing. They boosted my confidence in cornering allowing me to take sharp corners faster and safer.

Some shots from my incognito test period.

They feature a 35mm semi-aero rim profile that provides just the right amount of aerodynamic benefits while managing to stay lightweight enough to climb up hills with confidence. When riding in windy conditions, I was able to maintain full control without ever feeling like I was ever in danger of being blown over. The wider rims also allowed me to run a lower PSI than I would with a narrower rim, which in my experience gave way for a more comfortable ride and improved tire traction. This honestly made my rides noticeably more enjoyable and I plan to ride nothing but wide rims from this point on because of it.  I ran 25mm tires and they fit the rim profile perfectly.

All in all, these wheels performed near flawlessly.  The only gripe I had with them only occurred infrequently.  On steep, fast descents, I would occasionally get a resonant squeal.  This did not occur during normal braking.  I have experienced this in the past where a combination of wheel, brake pad and frame would cause this “singing,” but this same combo with on a different frame wouldn’t.  I’m hoping to test this out to see if swapping pads affects it, or if it was a one-off experience with my frame.  For those with disc brake road bikes, this won’t be an issue if/when they release their disc brake variant of this wheel.

One-handed descent photos… Why not?

The Final Spin

How does it stack up against the competition?

I’ve ridden many high-end wheels from well-known and praised companies, and I can honestly say that the Revin wheels are comparable in quality and performance I’ve come to expect from others, even excelling in some aspects. Overall, I found them to be a great wheelset that could handle everything I dished out, and I honestly rode them as hard as I could. Throughout the 2-month period that I had these wheels I ran over potholes, rode them on dirt trails and even caught some air time since I also tend to bunny hop over obstacles.  Needless to say, they went through a lot.  Considering the fact that they remained dead true, that’s a true testament to their durability and build quality.  While not cheap, they are pushing the competitive edge of what riders can expect from a dollars/performance ratio.

Escaping ordinary achieved.

Recommended rider:

These wheels are ideal for competitive riders or those looking to take their bike to that next level.  The combination of wide(ish) rim profile, vertical compliance, and lateral stiffness let’s you push miles harder for longer.  In the world of high-end carbon wheels, the price tag on these wheels is not as painful as most of the competition, but it is enough to make it a more challenging decision for newcomers to the road scene or the occasional weekend warrior.

What we loved:

  • Snappy and laterally stiff
  • Wide profile (lower PSI) and vertical compliance smoothed out the road
  • Great strength/weight ratio
  • DT Swiss hubs are highly adaptable and simple to maintain
  • Stayed dead true
  • Included decals let you match your personal style.

What we didn’t like:

  • Resonant brake squeal under hard braking on steep descents
    • May be a frame resonance issue
  • No disc option (yet)

Escape Ordinary