Former UCI World Cup DH racer Claudio Caluori rides the easiest line at Red Bull Rampage. See why this is the scariest course preview he’s ever filmed.

Virgin, Utah – Beyond adding 10 lbs to it’s subject(s) the camera has one very big problem… it dumbs down reality.  This is no more apparent than in the world of extreme sports.  When viewers watch some incredible feat being accomplished by athletes at the top of their game there is something that the lens does to flatten the experience.  Waves don’t look as massive, jumps are not as tall, drops are not as big, and that trail just doesn’t look quite as steep.  As such, it takes ever more extremeness to wow the audience.  We as viewers become numb, and often walk away from these scenes thinking, “I could probably due that.”  A quick perusal of the myriad of amateur athlete POV videos will usually prove that we can’t do that and we definitely don’t look that awesome.

This is really the scariest thing I have ever done. I’ve had three days with no sleep. This made me so nervous.

That is why this course preview from former UCI World Cup DH racer and Gstaad-Scott team manager, Claudio Calouri, is so dang impressive.  This is a man who knows what it is to race some of the gnarliest trails, he is one hell of a rider, and he is no stranger to big terrain.  And yet, when you watch this video you can see his hesitancy and can feel his fear almost paralyzing him.  Knowing that he is such a capable rider, and still the easiest line on the hill puts him in his place just goes to show the level at which these Rampage athletes are performing.  Those jumps are bigger, longer, and way more sketchy than any camera angle can convey.

Do you think you could ride Red Bull Rampage? Watch the finals LIVE on Red Bull TV on Oct. 16 to see how the pros do it. (NOTE: The original live broadcast date of Oct. 17 was changed due to weather concerns.)

Can’t wait for the best event in freeride mountain biking? Head over to the official Red Bull Rampage event page to see highlights of the first nine competitions, as well as more exclusive videos, photos and stories, like these:

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