Raleigh Bicycles has a long and proud history of making performance machines of the two wheeled type. That whole history was founded on one main principle; to make bikes that are fun. We are proud to welcome the Raleigh brand to our family, and help share that fun.

Raleigh Bikes have a history that reaches farther back than most any bicycle manufacturer in existence.  The company was founded in 1885 in Sherwood Forest, which is just an awesome place to be from.  Unfortunately, there are no tales of Robin Hood riding a Raleigh bicycle since they had not been invented in his time, but if he were to have ridden a bike I am certain it would have been a Raleigh. Being founded in Sherwood Forest is pretty cool, but it is far from the only thing that makes Raleigh such a unique and exciting bike brand.

Beautiful, efficient, and fun.

The Raleigh Bicycle company was founded by Richard Morriss Woodhead and Paul Eugene Louis Angois on Raleigh Street. The brand was born at a time when bicycles were thought to be a revolutionary idea.  You have to remember that horses and steam trains were the primary mode of transportation in 1885.  Bicycles gave you much more portability and independence than either of those.  Bicycles were futuristic, fantastic, and fun.  We may no longer think of the bicycle as futuristic, but they have yet to stop being fantastic and fun. While Raleigh has gone through many iterations as a company, the brand has always aimed to develop their core bikes around the idea that bicycles are fun, convenient, and practical.

Raliegh Prim

When it comes to cycling, it’s easy to get caught up in the seriousness of racing, obsession of training or the constant innovations in minute changes to geometry. But, at the core, we are all cyclists because riding makes us happy. Look back on that first ride that created your addiction. Remember the smile that stretched across your face when you conquered that hill, cleared that rock roll, learned how to jump, or set a new personal record. It’s that joy that brings each of us back to the saddle for more and more miles, and it is that very thing on which the Raleigh Bicycle Company was founded. Over 125 years and counting, Raleigh has produced a range of bikes from commuters to cross racers, from the dirt to the road, from Sunday cruisers to elite racers, all with one idea: make them really, really fun!

Raleigh on the Road

Roads aren’t just for cars. They are the free gym just outside your door. They are the bike commute to the neighborhood farmers’ market. They are path to coffee with friends. They are gateways to exploring endless miles. Regardless of what style of road riding you want to do Raleigh has a bike matched for your enjoyment. Raleigh’s wide collection of road bikes will let you create your own unscripted adventure every time your feet meet your pedals.

Raleigh on the Dirt

The world of mountain bikes is constantly evolving allowing us to explore farther, ride faster, and go bigger. But, our motivations for hitting the dirt remains true to mountain biking’s origins. It is the draw of winding singletrack, open spaces, and epic views. It’s the camaraderie of friends and recalling shared adventures. These things keep us venturing back into the wild. Raleigh’s line of mountain bikes are built to take you there with confidence and precision so you can revel in the ride.

Looking through their model lineup today it is easy to see their history of practicality shine through.  Raleigh has designed models that tap into what makes cycling exciting.  For many of us, riding a bicycle is a reminder of our first taste of freedom and independence.  Before we go our driver’s license most of us rode our bikes, and it was awesome.  Raleigh wants you to remember that feeling and they design bikes with that philosophy in mind.

Raleigh-Clement Racing takes cycling seriously and seriously fun.

Take a look at what Raleigh is doing.  If you look at how they blend the seriousness of great design with the fun of what cycling should be I think you’ll understand why they are making bikes a little different. 

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