All The Trailside Tools You Need, Always On Your Bike, Instantly Accessible

Given the choice, we’d always prefer to ride without a backpack. But no one wants to be ‘that guy’ who needs to borrow tools, or be left walking home while your friends enjoy the rest of the ride. We wanted a solution that would allow us to carry the tools that we need for every ride, without wearing a backpack.

EDC stores your essential trail tools inside your steerer tube, right at your fingertips. Whether you’re going out for a quick lunch ride or setting off on a longer adventure, EDC has the tools you need to fix almost any trailside mechanical.

The EDC tool can also be stored inside one of our new high volume CNC Aluminum Pumps with bottle cage mount. Grabbing your EDC tool from the pump is as easy as reaching for your bottle.


  • 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm Hex
  • T25 Torx
  • Tire Lever
  • Chain Breaker
  • Quick Link Breaker (10 & 11spd)
  • Spare Quick Link Storage
  • Spare Quick Link Storage
  • Flat Head Screwdriver
  • 0,1,2,3 Spoke Keys
  • EDC Top Cap Tool
  • Spare Chainring Bolt
  • Sealed Storage Capsule or 12,16, 20g CO2 Cartridge Storage

Our innovative 8mm hex design uses the Top Cap tightening tool piece and the 5mm hex to create the 8mm hex. The EDC Tool contains no loose easy to lose driver bits. Worlds first compact quick link breaker. A small backpack weighs 1.5lbs (680g) completely empty. The EDC Pump and Tool weigh less than 0.5lbs (224g) all in.

Grabbing your EDC tool from the pump is as easy as reaching for your bottle.


  • Fast-On Head (Presta only) – No threads or locking levers
  • Integrated CO2 Inflator head
  • Fully Sealed, Weatherproofed Internals
  • Bottle Cage Mount
  • 2 Sizes/Volumes

High Volume 100cc

  • 246mm length
  • Holds EDC Tool & a 20g CO2 or EDC Tool & the Storage Capsule

Compact Volume 70cc

  • 195mm length (shorter than a 22oz water bottle)
  • Holds EDC Tool or a 20g CO2


A mini pump might look appealing, but with typical volumes of 30-60cc it will take hundreds of strokes to inflate a new tube and has absolutely no chance of reinflating a tubeless setup. When you get a flat, you want to fix it as fast as possible. At 100cc and 160g our high volume pump has the highest volume to weight ratio on the market.


Firmly push the pump head onto the Presta valve until it bottoms out, then pump. With our fast-on head the valve stem is securely supported so there’s no chance of bending, breaking or unseating the valve and no chance of unscrewing your valve core when you remove the pump.


To install the EDC tool in your steerer: Remove your old star-nut and tap the top of your steerer tube. This might sound daunting, but we’ve made it easy to do on your bike, without even removing your fork.

  1. Remove your bar and stem
  2. Use the OneUp star-nut puller to remove your old star nut
  3. Using the self aligning steerer tap kit, tap a thread into your steerer until the tap bottoms out
  4. Reassemble your Bar and Stem on your newly threaded steerer
  5. Fine tune your headset spacer setup with the supplied spacers
  6. Screw in the EDC Top Cap and then tighten using the EDC Multitool, or a standard cassette tool to preload your headset bearings
  7. The plastic EDC steerer plug pushes into the bottom of your steerer tube
  8. Then simply drop the EDC Tool into your hollow top cap

The EDC Cap Kit includes the world’s lightest headset top cap (4.2g), and an EDC steerer plug with drain hole, which keeps crud out of your steerer and prevents the EDC tool from rattling.

The EDC Tap kit includes a star nut puller and a self-aligning tap.

OneUp Gear Strap

A stretch polyurethane strap with tail clip for neat and secure fastening of your spare tube to your frame. Our strap doesn’t absorb water and mud like a Velcro strap and won’t scratch your frame.


  • I never flat – EDC Top Cap and Tools with Storage Capsule
  • Minimalist – EDC Top Cap and Tools with Storage Capsule and bottle cage mounted 25g CO2  and Inflator head. Tube strap and spare tube.
  • Half Nelson – 70cc Pump with 20g CO2 and EDC Cap and Tools with Storage Capsule. Tube strap and spare tube.
  • Full Nelson – 100cc Pump with 20g CO2 and EDC Cap and Tools with Storage Capsule. Tube strap and spare tube.
  • Super dry– Hip Pack with a Jacket and food, 100cc Pump, EDC Cap and Tools with Storage Capsule. Tube strap and spare tube.


  • Cash ($20 Bill)
  • Tubless tire repair (Mini handle and rope plugs)
  • Glueless patchesSandpaper Square (for patches and match striker)
  • Zip Ties (x2) The folded zip ties prevent the capsule content from rattling inside (Moto foam also works)
  • Waterproof matches
  • Park TB-2 Emergency Tire Boot

We’d love to see your personal pack list. Tag your grid on Instagram #OneUpEDC

Price and Weight


EDC Tool – 112g

EDC Pump 70cc -132g

EDC Pump 100cc -155g

EDC Top Cap and steerer plug – 15g

EDC Gear Strap: – 8g