This Might Just Be The Dropper Seatpost We’ve Been Waiting For.

The world of dropper posts is a crowded one, and it takes something pretty special for us to sit up (pun intended) and take notice of a newcomer to the scene.  OneUp Components has made us do just that.  Knowing the quality of products and innovative ideas that OneUp Components has come to be recognized for, our curiosity was piqued when we got word that they were throwing their hat in the dropper post ring.  But, we were left with questions of what would make them stand out from the competition.  Luckily, we didn’t have to wait too long to get a chance to jump on a call with Jon Hadfield from One Up Components to pick his brain on the ins and outs of this new challenger.

Here’s what we learned, and why this sub-$250 dropper post is going to make it onto our bike upgrade/add-on lists.

What made OneUp Components want to enter this highly crowded space?

OneUp Components knew that this was an area of bike components with a lot of product options to choose from, but they also knew that there were several areas where the current spectrum of droppers could improve.  They set out to answer several issues that they had with droppers from personal experience, and from listening to what their customers wanted as well.  The list included longer travel, easier measurements, simple servicing and setup, reliability, and affordability.

What main feature sets this post apart from the competition?

The riders at OneUp Components found themselves loving longer travel droppers for their ability to get the perfect pedal height while having the ability to get the seat fully out of the way for when things turned epic.  Many frames have limitations on dropper posts longer than 150mm travel, and it can be a feat of mathematically gymnastics to determine all the correct measurements to ensure that you find a dropper that fits your frame while providing the most travel.

Arguably the most interesting feature of this dropper seatpost is its ability to be fine-tuned to any travel within 50mm of it’s max travel.  Coming out with two travel options to choose from (150mm and 170mm), this means that you can pick literally any travel measure from 150mm down to 100mm or from 170mm down to 120mm with a simple service (more on that in a bit).

Why does this matter?  Because it answers several of the challenges they set out to overcome with just one innovation.  This makes measurements and setup easier because you only have to measure max insertion length of your frame, and to consider your current max ride height of your saddle.  The 50mm of adjustment leaves a lot of wiggle room to fine-tune your setup.  Further, this makes this post able to be moved to various frames with only minimal work to get the perfect travel for your new setup.

Beyond this, there is actually a benefit for heavier riders to choosing a longer travel post and reducing the travel.  That reduction of travel increases bushing overlap which supports the post more and reduces bushing wear.

How does the travel adjustment work?

This process is surprisingly simple, and seems to be one of those, “why didn’t anyone else think of this,” sort of innovations.  The process involves unscrewing the seal collar from the seatpost by hand, inserting a 3-pronged shim into the 3 keys within the seatpost tube, and closing things back up.  Easily 5 minutes or less.  To fine tune the precise adjustment might take a little more time since the shim comes at a full 50mm length to start, but with a series of 2.5mm etch marks on the shim, it is easy to find your perfect fit.  If you want to get even more precise you can carefully cut the shim at any measurement as well.  Lastly, shims are replaceable, so if you get the measurement wrong or your bike changes, it’s not a big deal.

Dropper post reliability and serviceability can be a point of frustration for riders.  How did OneUp Components address these issues?

This aspect may not have all the allure of the travel adjustment, but it is crucially important to loving your dropper seatpost.  To meet this demand, OneUp Components did heaps of research to incorporate highly-tested internals.  This post can’t lay claim to being the absolute lightest option, but all that fades away when it keeps working day after day, ride after ride.

The cartridge of this dropper is replaceable and affordable at only $80.  While that isn’t dirt cheap, it shouldn’t need to be done often at all.  During their entire time of testing, OneUp Components hasn’t had to replace a single cartridge yet.  And, since this cartridge replacement is a super simple service that you can do at home with basic tools, you’ll save yourself the cost of service fees or shipping.

Did they get the remote right?

Oddly enough, dropper post remotes have had a long history of being less-than-perfect.  There have been some exceptions, and things have been getting better recently.  But, OneUp Components still felt like they could one up (yep, another pun) the competition.

To do this, they decided to try basically every remote possible and find their weaknesses.  They found that nobody had really played around much with the standard recipe for remotes.  After considering the form and function of a long-lost component that used to occupy our bars (RIP front shifter), they determined that the upper shifter paddle location was ideal for position, leverage, and the ability to keep a solid grip as things turned rowdy.  This also allowed for a very slim remote profile that is less likely to get caught up by accident.

Another design aspect that is a big win is locating the cable clamp at the remote itself.  This is not unique to OneUp Components, but it makes setup dramatically easier and quicker.  Beyond that, this remote features a barrel adjuster for dialing in cable tension, and can be had in I-Spec II, Matchmaker, or in a standard bar clamp configuration.

What other features stand out about this post?

There are a few other things that are pretty rad about this new dropper.  One, that is related to the travel adjustment and ease of measure/setup, is that this post currently boasts the shortest stack height and effective length of any comparable post

One feature that will be a win for riders in colder climates is that this post has proven to have consistent drop performance when the thermometer dips low.  They even put a post in the freezer overnight to make sure all worked well.  The cable remote had no issues performing in the cold, either.

Another small, but good, detail is the straight shape of the actuator mechanism.  This small design feature means that the actuator is less likely to interact with any intrusions inside your frame, like water bottle bolts.

Final Thoughts

We have yet to put this post under our seats to give it a thorough testing.  However, on paper, this is an impressive post with innovative features at a stellar price.  Tie that to the solid reputation of OneUp Components products and service, and we believe this to be a serious contender in the dropper world.  Read OneUp Components’ press release below for more details, and visit to order yours today.  In stock now.

OneUp Components Dropper Seatpost Press Release


Spend less, drop more, no bleeding and a better remote.

The world’s shortest, long travel dropper post. Get the longest travel dropper that will fit you and your bike.


$248 USD, including remote and free shipping worldwide.

Post $199 USD. Remote $49 USD (includes cable, housing and either I-Spec-II, MatchMaker or bar clamp).


More drop = More fun. The further out of the way you can get your saddle on downhills the more confidence you’ll have and the harder you can ride. With a combination of the shortest available stack height and effective length of any equivalent travel post on the market, most riders can now upgrade their 125mm or 150mm post to a 170mm OneUp dropper.


Don’t get stuck between dropper sizes. The unique OneUp travel adjust shims allow you to custom tune your post by lowering the travel and extended length of your post by as much as 50mm in any increment you like. Want an oh so fashionable 128.99mm drop? You got it! Drop tuning can be done on-bike, tool free and without removing the saddle or touching a shock pump. Lowering the post travel also increases bushing overlap, which is great for heavier riders.

170mm Dropper Post – adjustable down to 120mm

150mm Dropper Post – adjustable down to 100mm


With a simple and reliable cable actuated remote you never have to bleed your dropper remote again. The cable setup is quick and easy. The cable clamps at the lever making shortening the housing length for clean routing a breeze. Unlike a hydraulically actuated dropper, there is no temperature sensitivity and If your remote gets damaged you can still lower or extend your post by removing it from your frame and pushing on the actuator by hand.

Buy now at

Specs and Details


170mm (tuneable to 120mm)

150mm (tuneable to 100mm)


30.9 or 31.6

Routing Internal only

Weight Post

Remote, housing and cable from 595g (150 x 30.9mm).

Remote from 32g (I-spec II)

Stack Height (collar to rail)

170mm = 207mm

150mm = 187mm

Effective Length (Total length without actuator)

170 = 450mm

150 = 410mm

Min Insertion

170 = 110mm

150 = 90mm

Full range of service parts available.

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