Like all of our journal survey participants, Mark’s feedback is invaluable. We wanted to get know a little about our winner, so we asked Mark to answer a few questions about himself.

Congratulations to our September Journal Survey winner, Mark from San Diego, California! We wanted to get to know a little bit about Mark, so upon congratulating him and sending over his Jenson USA gift card, we asked him a few questions about himself and his love for riding. Mark was more than happy to share his humor and enthusiasm with us. After hearing back from Mark, its safe to say that we couldn’t be more excited about getting to know our readers each month.

Here’s what Mark had to say:

Us: What is your favorite bike to ride

MarkMy favorite bike is the only mountain bike I own at this time, which is a 2009 GT Sanction 2.0. I am in the market for a new ride if I can somehow convince my wife that I need it more than the kids need a college education.

Us: What makes it your favorite bike?

Mark: I love riding it because it is bullet proof! I just bombed the Whole Enchilada in Moab for the third time and it just eats up the big hits without a whimper, more than I can say for my body after that ride. It may be heavy but its my brother, in fact I named it “Comrade” because it has a Russian army type paint job. It’s 35lbs and I still smoke many of my much younger friends that are riding carbon bikes up the hills, and for being almost 57 years young I feel that I still have many years left to ride.

Us: Where is your favorite place to ride?

Mark: My favorite place to ride is Moab, Utah. But I am only able to ride there one week a year. I love the technical single track trails, especially if they are downhill. Just the thought of Porcupine Rim keeps me going back each year.

Us: What inspires you to ride?

Mark: I am inspired by the feeling I get after a flowy fast technical downhill section with a few small hits involved or a long hard butt breaking ride that makes me feel 18 and unstoppable again.

On behalf of the journal team here at Jenson USA, we want to thank Mark and everyone else who took the time to fill out our quick survey this past September.  It will undoubtedly help us continue to improve. We look forward to choosing a new winner for the month of October. Until then, Keep Pedaling!

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