Like all of our journal survey participants, Eric’s feedback is invaluable. We wanted to get know a little about our winner, so we asked Eric to answer a few questions about himself.

Congratulations to our October/NovemberJournal Survey winner, Eric from Colorado! We wanted to get to know a little bit about Eric, so upon congratulating him and sending him a  Jenson USA gift card, we asked him a few questions about himself and his love for riding. Eric was glad to share with us his stoke for riding. After hearing back from Eric, its safe to say our excitement towards getting to know our readers each month has only gone up. We are launching a new survey each month, so keep your eyes peeled for a chance to win a $25 Jenson USA gift card.

In the meantime here’s what Eric had to say:

Us: What is your favorite bike to ride

EricAnything with air in the tires.

I’ve been partial to hard tails the last few years although have owned a dozen different bikes, squishy and not.

Us: What makes it your favorite bike?

Eric: I like the simplicity of a hard tail. Even though descending is trickier it’s less of a liability descending than the squishy bikes tend to be on the climbs. At the end of the day I’d rather be descending. If I get done climbing faster, then I can descend sooner. Perfect.

Us: Where is your favorite place to ride?

Eric: The liquor store.

Just kidding, the forest. I wish I rode in the woods more. I like the critters and the woods’ stank.

Us: What inspires you to ride?

Eric: Spandex. I love, love, love wearing spandex. Everybody looks at me weird when I’ve thrown on spandex to get groceries. So, I bought a bike. I figured if I ride my bike to the store, then I can wear spandex more often.

On behalf of the journal team here at Jenson USA, we want to thank Eric and everyone else who took the time to fill out our quick survey this past October and November.  It will undoubtedly help us continue to improve. We look forward to choosing a new winner for the month of December. Until then, Keep Pedaling!

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