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Which axles does my bike have?

Whether you’re looking to replace old worn out axles, or shopping for a new set of wheels or hubs, knowing your bike’s axle type is a sure step in determining the correct piece to purchase.  With a plethora of axle shapes and sizes hanging on the shelf, shopping for new wheels, hubs or axles can become a bit of a conundrum.  Not to worry! In this video, our head shop mechanic, Seth, explains the different types of axles commonly found on today’s bikes, and demonstrates how to tell them apart.

Once you become familiar with these different axle types, you won’t think twice about clicking the “Add to Cart” button the next time you’re looking to give your hoops a face-lift. So take a deep breath, click the play button, and become an axle wizard. If your axle mastery still needs some coaching after watching this video, please give our Gear Advisors a call, and they’ll be more than happy to help you identify your axle type and answer any questions you might have.

Note: Another common type of axle standard not mentioned in this video is the Boost 150x110mm and Boost 148x12mm axles. Boost axles allow hubs with wider spaced hubs flanges, giving the spokes a better bracing angle and therefore a stronger wheel build.

Know Your Axles

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