Masi Bikes has a long history of performance craftsmanship and styling. These bikes are more than race machines. They are the culmination of beauty and function merging. Masi’s unique approach to design, aesthetics, and life make this brand a natural fit at Jenson USA.

Masi Bike Company gets their name from the legendary frame builder Faliero Masi. For years Masi built custom frames in his shop underneath the Vigorelli Velodrome in Italy. Masi, whose nickname was “the tailor” for his stellar craftsmanship, was known for making some of the best riding frames of all time. From Anquetil to Merckx, the iconic names of cycling of the 50s through the 70s rode on Masi’s bikes. In 1972 Masi partnered with a Californian who sought to bring a premium Italian bike brand to the U.S. Masi packed up and moved to California to begin work. The company Masi started with his business partner has seen a few different iterations since the 70s, but the exceptionalism built into Masi’s heritage continues while aiming at progressing into the future.

A Tradition of Excellence Aimed at the Future.

Not ones to be satisfied with status quo, Masi has turned up  the heat on their future.  They’ve brought on some serious talent to harness their tradition with current technology and innovation. Their updated bike line has top-end class throughout with carbon race bikes, disc road, and some great looking classic steel frame road bikes. We are excited to add Masi to our road lineup at Jenson USA as their bikes bring a solid value with a great component spec packaged into a classic look that stands out in today’s market.

Masi’s beautiful lineup broadens our selection of unique and inspiring choices of road bikes for our customers. Whether your passion lies solely on the tarmac or is inspired by the challenges of dirt, Masi bikes can fill that need.  Spanning a range of disciplines and budgets these bikes are that perfect blend to satiate your desire for high performance function wrapped in classic-styled tradition.

A Race Heritage Balanced by an Appreciation for Life.

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