Yeti has brought their Switch Infinity to the 29er platform with the introduction of the much-anticipated SB-4.5c. To tease our palettes they have released this stunning video from the mythical lands of Iceland. Watch the bike in beautiful concert with the epic landscape of this strange world.

In search of the ever elusive formula of the quiver killer bikes, brands hunt for the small changes, minor tweaks, and new technologies that will make there bikes just a bit lighter, faster, burlier, and more capable.  Yeti has made a big move in the right direction by bringing their brilliant Switch Infinity shock linkage to a 29er frame with modern aggressive trail geometry and high end carbon fiber.  On paper this bike checks off all the right boxes to create a “do-most-everything” bike.  We can’t wait to get our hands on our test rigs to see how it translates from paper to dirt.

It was only a matter of time before we rolled out our Switch Technology in big wheels. The SB4.5c is optimized for 29″ wheels and has a different personality than our other bikes. The pedaling platform is a little stiffer, so out of the saddle climbs feel effortless. Descending, it’s all trail bike — open it up and let the big wheels roll.

Stunning from ever angle.

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