Industry Nine Torch Road Alloy – Bridging the Gap

The Torch Road Alloy performs in a space where a tarmac-focused wheelset might be overmatched, but a mountain wheelset would be overkill. Ideal scenarios for the TRA line-up would be in the CX start grid, fast moving, light-duty off-road explorations, or hammering out long days on Forest Service roads. Four new wheelsets roll out with the introduction of the Torch Road Alloy chassis, providing an array of choices, from rough and tumble 650b wheels, to a race-ready carbon 700c option.

To serve this mission, the TRA chassis represents a confluence of the best characteristics from the Torch Mountain system wheelsets and the Torch Road disc platform – sturdy meets svelte. An all-new hubshell forms the foundation of the TRA chassis, allowing direct threading of the spokes to the hub; a long-standing and defining performance and durability element of Industry Nine mountain bike wheelsets. Compatible with all thru-axles and road drivetrains, the Center Lock specific hub is built off Industry Nine’s established Torch Road Disc internals, so service and support parts are already present and available in the field.

Machined and anodized totally in-house, the Torch Road Alloy hubs accept 24 spokes laid out in a clever yet familiar 2:1 lacing pattern. By using a differential spoke count, TRA wheelsets are able to cut weight and balance spoke tension, yet retain power-amplifying stiffness.

Securing the rim to the hub are Industry Nines straight-pull aluminum spokes. The one-piece design integrates standard 14g wrench flats located outside of the rim to keep service intuitive, but eliminates the undersized traditional spoke nipple in favor of a more robust connection between hub and spoke. Directly tapping into the hubs courtesy of large, rolled threads the 2.9mm diameter spokes taper to 2.7mm as they exit the hub and approach the rim.

Whether the aim is adding a touch of flair to a do-it-all drop bar rig, finding the perfect wheels to finish off a 650b bikepacker, or seeking ridiculous power transfer for the gravel or CX bike, Industry Nine has a TRA wheelset to satisfy. From the lust-worthy ULCX240 Carbon TRA, to the road-friendly AR25 TRA, Industry Nine bridges the gap.

“Perform in a space where a tarmac-focused wheelset might be overmatched, but a mountain wheelset would be overkill”

Key Features on all TRA Wheelsets:

  • 24H 2/1 lacing pattern equalizes spoke tension, reduces fatigue related stress on the rims and spokes, reduces weight over traditional wheel architecture
  • Initially available with Center Lock hubs only
  • Made in the USA hubs – assembled in Asheville, NC
  • Front Hub: 2 bearings with external teflon seals. 100mm QR, 9thru, 12mm, and 15mm axle
  • Rear Hub: 4 bearings with external Teflon seals and silicone freehub seal. 135mm QR, 10×135, 12×135, and 12×142 axle options
  • Driver: Shimano HG, Campagnolo or SRAM XD-R – 60 point, 6 degree engagement, 3 pawl mechanism
  • Spokes: Industry Nine 2.9mm/2.7mm Aluminum
  • Spoke count: 24H F&R
  • Standard Colors – all Black hubs and spokes
  • Custom Colors* –  Silver, Blue, Red, Gold, Orange, Pink, Purple, Turquoise, Lime, or Green hubs and spokes *Upcharges apply
  • Enduro XD-15 Hybrid Ceramic bearings – include lifetime warranty (Upcharges apply)

ULCX240 Carbon TRA

The highest performance wheels in the TRA range. Many riders find their dream wheelset at the intersection of an i9 system chassis and a Reynolds carbon rim, and for those seeking a sublime ride experience, we’re pleased to offer this revelation. Mating our UL240 Carbon rim to the TRA chassis, this 1325g wonder defies gravity as deftly as it tracks through the serpentine turns of a ‘cross course or the long, hard milage of an off-road challenge ride.

  • UL240 Carbon rim supports 33mm – 55mm tubeless-ready tires
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on i9 carbon wheelsets
  • Weight: 1325 grams/set – front 600 grams/rear 725 grams
  • Rim Weight: 355 grams
  • Rim Width: 24mm inner / 28mm outer width
  • MSRP: $2300
  • 240lb/110kg suggested rider weight limit

ULCX235 TRA 700c

Perhaps the best all-arounder in the TRA range, the ULCX235 TRA is the wheelset that we heard folks say they need, without specifically asking. Riders wanted a Torch system chassis, but with the ability to mount on their dropbar bikes without compromising drive components. They wanted a wheel beyond our current road disc offerings in terms of color customization, something that could be built to look exactly the way they wanted them to, just like their Torch mountain wheels. The ULCX235 TRA takes those requests and delivers, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

  • UL235 rim supports 33mm – 55mm tubeless-ready tires
  • Weight: 1395 grams/set – front 630 grams/rear 765 grams
  • Rim Weight: 380 grams
  • Rim Width: 23.5mm inner / 27mm outer width
  • MSRP: $1225
  • 220lb/100kg suggested rider weight limit

ULCX235 TRA 650b

Drop bar bikes now find themselves pushed deeper and deeper into the woods due to the trend of 650b mountain bike tire compatibility, but with a glaring blind spot of wheels designed for a mountain bike, not a drop bar bike. Concessions are made to drivetrain spec, or ideal tire fit, but all those concerns are eliminated as ULCX235 TRA answers the call.

  • UL235 rim supports 33mm – 55mm tubeless-ready tires
  • Weight: 1320 grams/set – front 595 grams/rear 725 grams
  • Rim Weight: 355 grams
  • Rim Width: 23.5mm inner / 27mm outer width
  • MSRP: $1225
  • 220lb/100kg suggested rider weight limit


AR25 TRA is as ready for a fast road ride on a 25mm tire as it is for an escape overnighter mounted on a bikepacking rig dressed in 40’s. If your dropbar disc brake bike sees duty on group road rides and long all-road adventures, keep the AR25 TRA on your short list.

  • AR25 rim supports 25mm – 50mm tubeless-ready tires
  • Weight: 1480 grams/set – front 685 grams/rear 895 grams
  • Rim Weight: 450 grams
  • Rim Width: 21.5mm inner / 25mm outer width
  • MSRP: $1225
  • 250lb/115kg suggested rider weight limit


The alloy versions will carry an MSRP of $1225 and the carbon version will bump the MSRP to $2300.  Available in the myriad of axle configurations, and custom spoke, hub, and valve stem color combinations can be ordered by contacting our Gear Advisors.

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