HT Components are looking to break the monopoly of the pedal market held by just a handful of companies.  They’ve pushed headlong into the market with high-end flat and clip-in (clipless) pedals that come in a vast array of colors so you can take your style game up a notch.  The T1 clip-inpedals are more than bling, though.  They bring stellar engagement, low weight, and a versatile platform to the plate to keep your ride powerful, efficient, and controlled.

Employee Rating:

When you think of mountain bike pedals, “Hsing Ta” may not be the first words to pop into your head.  But, HT Components might be, and arguably should be.  Hsing Ta Industrial is one of Taiwan’s bicycle industry grassroot pioneers, founded in 1954, they began manufacturing bicycle spokes, nipples and pedals. 2005 saw the birth of the high-end pedal division HT. Hsing Ta quickly began to developing these pedals to satisfy the demand of today’s consumers and pro-level riders. HT signed some high profile athletes, not just for promotional purposes, but to help with the R&D of HT’s line ensuring that their pedals were ready to take on the rowdiest riders and conditions. HT didn’t stop at signing just one or two top riders.  Instead, they looked to develop their pedals with a whole slew of the best-of-the-best athletes.  How about Gwin, Lopes, Strait, Clementz and the entire Commencal / Riding Addiction Team?

Pedal Design and Build Quality

The T1 pedals’ build quality is second to none. Beautifully machined aluminum graced with an array of anodized colors that make picking just one extremely tough. The fit and finish on these pedals is stellar; laser etched graphics and a well thought out tension adjustment system that has a gauge to show you where you are at tension-wise round out the package. A large platform with 2 replaceable traction pins per side provide a nice place to settle in when not fully clipped in. The EVO+ bearing system spins smooth and should provide countless miles of maintenance free riding. One thing to note here is the HT cleat, though it looks similar to a Shimano SPD cleat it is NOT the same. HT’s cleat is specific to their pedals, and they only recommend using their cleat.


  • CNC’d machined Cr-Moly spindles
  • Extruded and CNC’d aluminum pedal body
  • EVO+ bearing
  • Intended Use: All-mountain/Enduro
  • Weight: 368g


  • X1, 4 degree float cleats are provided with the pedals
  • 4 removable and replaceable pins for extra grip
  • 68mm x 83.5mm platform offers a solid and stable stance
  • 16.8mm height platform leaves plenty of room for obstacle clearance

Performance and Ride Impressions

The first thing I noticed was the audible “click” that comes when clipping in. This is a nice change from my previous pedals that left me wondering sometimes whether I had actually locked in or not? Clipping in is very similar to Shimano with a toe in first action, though it did take me a few rides to really get a feel for the front spring mechanism. Once I had it down, clipping in became just as fluid as it has on any SPD pedal I have used in the past. Another thing I noticed was that the tension adjustment range is massive! Whatever you fancy when it comes to release tension the T1 has it. Riding the T1 has been great!  The fit and engagement with my 5.10 Kestral shoe is as if they were built for each other!

Similar toe-in action to SPD pedals.

5.10 Kestrels felt like they were made for these pedals.

The Final Spin

How does it stack up against the competition?

Though it’s hard to beat Shimano’s proven SPD platform, I think the T1 gives it a solid run for the money. Lighter, more traction, color options and a better clip-in feel gives the T1 a win in my book. The only part I can’t speak to is long term durability, I guess the time will tell.

Recommended rider:

Any rider looking for a pedal that provides a usable platform. Enduro/trail riders that want support from their pedal.

What we loved:

  • Solid clip-in feel
  • Platform that has great contact and support
  • Plethora of colors to choose from
  • Another high performance option in the “enduro” pedal market
  • Well thought out design features
  • Lighter than other pedal options in its class

What we didn’t like:

  • Proprietary cleat (not a deal breaker though, it just keeps people from borrowing my bike)
  • Price is a bit steeper than the competition

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