Our Custom Collection is a blend of our favorite frames built up with handpicked parts, colors, & personalities to match. They culminate from our desire to design & build our dream bikes while providing solid performance & value. These bikes occupy a special place in our hearts, & we want to share them with you.

If you’re looking for a carbon fiber rocket ship with every milligram accounted for, you aren’t going to find it here. If you’re looking for a blast of a weekend and some stories for the campfire, you’ve come to the right place. Few destinations in the mountain bike world are as clamored over as British Columbia, Canada. Maybe it’s the expansive trail system accompanied by stunning mountainous scenery and the untouched wild air. Maybe it’s the obvious outdoor culture that’s ingrained into the region. Maybe it’s because some of the first mountain bike induced laughs and elations took place there. Perhaps it’s all of the above. Whatever it is, this perpetual pin on the mountain biker’s map known as the greater Vancouver, BC region serves as the proud birthplace and home of Banshee Bikes.

As a child of western Canada’s forested coast, Banshee Bikes is gifted with not only some of the most beautiful testing grounds, but also some of the most arduous. Over the past 15 years, Banshee Bikes has grasped unquestionable success with their no-nonsense approach to designing bikes. By no-nonsense designs we mean that they forgo the overcooked marketing trends, and instead only design bikes that are based off what their employees want for personal use. Since everyone that has ever worked at Banshee is a skilled rider with a passion for the trail and a wealth of knowledge of both the modern mountain bike’s entirety and the expectations of the contemporary rider, it’s easy to see why Banshee’s arsenal of bikes are as colorful and diverse as the very riders who imagine them.

Because Banshee Bikes finds the real reward in producing genuine bikes for genuine riders, versus simply making bikes and collecting a paycheck, we’re immensely excited to welcome them to the Jenson USA family. Banshee’s expansive collection is a surefire augmentation to our selection of unique and inspiring choices of mountain bikes for our customers. Whether your passion lies solely on the buzz of bombing downhill or is inspired by the undulation and freedom of the trail, Banshee Bikes can answer your call.


– When head to the Park, Embark on the Dark –

If a chairlift is the only thing you’re riding to the top of the mountain, the Darkside should be the only thing you ride back down. Named after a local Downhill trail in none other than Whistler, Canada, the Darkside focuses on inducing smiles and inspiring confidence through its equilibrium of stability and flickability. Designed around shorter chainstays and 180mm of KS-Link suspension, the Darkside begs you to whip it, boost it or scrub it off jumps with panache. We currently offer the Darkside in two different complete bike builds, as well as the frame only.

Darkside Builds


– A 29er that doesn’t believe in labels or assumptions –

The Phantom is Banshee’s version of a short travel 29er, meaning it’s not the kind you’ll find lycra-wearing cross country speedsters riding. A stiff, sturdy, hydroformed aluminum frame and an aggressive low, slack geometry is enough to turn the heads of radical all-mountaineers and trail riders. Banshee keenly went with 105mm of travel to bring this bike alive and connect the rider directly with the trail, without being totally rigid. The Phantom’s unique low travel design is perfect for riders looking for the liveliness and efficiency of a hardtail bike, with the touch of suppleness you can only get from full-suspension. We currently offer the Phantom in one complete bike build.

Phantom Builds


– More Travel + More Wheel = More Fun –

The Banshee Prime combines an aluminum mid-travel frame with the 29 wheel size, delivering rowdy all-mountain attitude to the big wheeled platform. Founded on Banshee’s all-new KS Link suspension platform, the Prime frame features an insanely supple design that’s backed by its custom hydroformed 7005 T6 aluminum tubing. While the Prime doesn’t pretend to be an enduro thoroughbred, it’s not shy about flaunting its raw talent to confidently carry you up big mountains and then see you back down with pose and exhilaration. With that said, if you do ask it to race and enduro, it won’t hesitate to do so. We currently offer the Prime in one complete bike build, as well as the frame only.

Prime Builds


– If Leif Ericson owned a bike, it would’ve been a Rune –

The Rune achieves the spirit of a true all-mountain bike; the ability to climb like an XC bike and descend like a DH rig. While most bikes have to do some pretty heavy give and take in an attempt to be good at one objective or the other, the Banshee Rune has struck a beautiful balance. Not a full blown XC or DH rig, but a perfect combination of both that lets you easily clean the climbs that will set you up for a fast and fun descent. Banshee has dubbed the Rune as “a true explorer’s bike.” We currently offer the Rune in two different complete bike builds, as well as the frame only.

Rune Builds


– The Go-Getter –

Maybe you’re the XC type who craves the climbs, or maybe you’re a DH kind of person who snarls at any terrain above a -10% grade. Whatever the type of rider, the Spitfire is the kind of bike that understands where you’re coming from and uses it to push you toward new terrains. The Spitfire features 140mm of adjustable suspension that can be easily attuned from a neutral setting to be higher and steeper, feeling more like a regular trail bike with good pedal clearance for tight technical terrain. Inversely, it can be dropped down to the slack and low setting to become a high speed fighter jet of a bike when you need it to. We currently offer the Spitfire in one complete bike build, as well as the frame only.

Spitfire Builds

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