We could ramble on about Red Bull Rampage for pages and pages, but they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, since videos are made up thousands of pictures, we will leave the words minimal, and let the videos do the talking.  Updated videos will be added as they are released.

Check back for video updates.

Nicholi Rogatkin is unquestionably a phenom when it comes to style and skill. He has now proved that he is also a superhero at coming back from heavy wrecks.

Tyler McCaul sends this unbelievably huge drop with a blind run in completely trusting his friends’ judgement.  Talk about the ultimate trust fall.

Putting down a qualifying run like this puts a massive foot forward to Graham Agassiz taking the podium win at the 2015 Rampage event. 

Being a World Cup DH racer is just an added benefit to skills necessary for Brendan Fairclough to perform at Rampage.  

Is this the Year of Aggy?  He seems confident in that answer.  But, Rampage can be a cold mistress who will leave you beat, battered, and bruised.

The athletes of Rampage start shaking out the cobwebs before the official day of competition. This time is about dialing in their lines and their skills.

Claudio Caluori sheds some light on just how gnarly even the simplest of lines is at Rampage. Would you have the guts to take down a run here?

The Rampage rookies weigh in on just how steep and burly the terrain is.  But, the trick to winning at Rampage is not just surviving the hill, but performing big tricks. Do the newbies have what it takes?

One of the most epic moments in bike history was Kelly McGarry’s monster backflip over the canyon gap. But, this wasn’t just luck and intuition. There is science behind his success.

Watch Red Bill Rampage Finals live on Red Bull TV on October 16 at 10:30 MT (18.30 CET) – or watch the Spanish broadcast here.

Can’t wait for the best event in freeride mountain biking? Go to the Red Bull Rampage event page to see highlights of the first nine competitions, as well as more exclusive videos, photos and stories.

Be Red Bull Rampage Ready

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