As if there was any convincing needed, here are 3 reasons why we should see you in the Utah desert next October.

Last year was our first time at Outerbike, and within seconds of being there we knew this was an event we’d be coming back to in the years to come. This past Outerbike (10/2 – 10/4) was our second go-around, and it was nothing short of awesome. I want to tell you all about what our team experienced while working at Outerbike in Moab this year, and give you 3 reasons why you should be doing everything in your power to take a few days off next October and plan your ultimate bike demo-vacation in beautiful Moab, Utah.

Reason 1: Day 0, The Day before the Event.

When planning your trip next year, follow our example and get to Moab with a day to spare on the front end. This will allow you to get acclimated to the area and ride the local trails so you can get a feel of which trails best suit the types of bikes you plan on demoing.

The Jensonmobile in its element

The Utah desert can make the biggest MTB demo look small

My main-man and Jenson USA Purchasing Coordinator, Mike Barosko, helped plan our trip and get things squared away for shuttling The Whole Enchilada Trail with Poison Spider Bicycles once we arrived in Moab. It was definitely worth the extra day. Amazing views, chunky flow trails, steep high-speed trails with a side of rocky, followed by technical slickrock sections and exposed singletrack for miles and miles.

Standard Moab

When green meets red

MTB mecca

Mystique of the Colorado River

Reason 2: Riding Bikes, All Day, E’ry Day.

Outerbike is nothing like the trade show and demo you find at Interbike. Interbike is a mostly “look but don’t touch” affair for us industry folks. Outerbike is designed for the consumer. Riders from everywhere close in on the Utah desert to get a chance to ride their dream bikes before they decide to fork over their hard earned wages on a new shred sled.

You got this Mike

Bull Run Trail runs along the cliffs of Bull Canyon

In true black Friday style, everyone rushes in to ride bikes. Your stoke-level peaks when you score the last Yeti SB5c or Intense Spider 275 in your size, and get to take it out on the trail. Much like a romantic reality dating show, it’s really the perfect opportunity to get to know a plethora of bikes among a gorgeous setting, and ultimately fall in love with your next bike. Many who come to Moab for all 3 days get the chance to ride 6-10 bikes by the time the event closes. Thats a lot of trail time.

Attendees demoing what might be their next bike

Mike B. in his natural habitat

Traditional “running of the bros”

Reason 3: The People.

No shortage of great times at Outerbike

Our vendors were hard at work

Outerbike isn’t like a typical bike demo at your LBS, and it isn’t like a race where people are ultra focused with competition on the line. Everyone involved, from the event coordinators at Western Spirit, to the Company Reps (who do want to sell you their products), all the way to the other attendees who are there to demo products just like you, are all there for the ride. The event is super laid back and friendly with no pressure from the get go. People are much more focused on sharing the riding experience, checking out some of the best trails on the planet, and deciding on which bike they want to buy next. It also doesn’t hurt that every booth has a giveaway or raffle happening throughout the weekend (especially us). Then there’s the well-deserved adult beverages which start flowing early every afternoon.

Does this qualify as hydration?

Overall this year’s Outerbike was full of people hanging out in the desert, riding bikes, and having a good time. The JensonUSA booth was accompanied by a great group of passionate cyclists and many of our beloved customers stopped by to enjoy a cup of Augies’ Coffee in the morning, or a cold beer in the afternoon.

Serving up the morning jet fuel

We brought our favorite local coffee shop with us

Many came by to demo our Shimano XTR di2 equipped demo bikes. We also had our friends from Spot Brand bikes hanging out with us, demoing out their beautiful bikes. They attracted a lot of attention showing off their prototype full suspension bike and demoing their new line of Rocker SS (or geared) 27.5+ and 29er mountain bikes. They even raffled away a complete bike to a lucky winner who came by and demoed one of their bikes during the weekend.

Education is key to the decision

Outerbike as a family vacation

XTR Di2 made its appearnace

Shimano’s XTR Di2 Digital Display Unit

Our lucky and very excited winner of the Spot Bike giveaway

We are insanely happy to have seen so many of our customers and fellow cyclists in Moab, and we hope to see you there next year.

The Jenson USA Outerbike Crew

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