Question: What are the 3 musical geniuses?

They differed in style, skill, innovation, and popularity, and nothing incites more heated debate among classical music scholars and fans than determining which of these composers are the most essential. The three composers that consistently appear in the top spots are Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart.

Who are the geniuses of music?

a list of the “Top 10 musical geniuses”Rick Rubin. Anyone who can produce speed metal act Slayer and country king Johnny Cash -- in the same year -- deserves to top our list. Jimi Hendrix. Prince. Dr. Bob Dylan. The Beatles. Björk. Muddy Waters. •6 Nov 2007

Who is the most musical genius?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is popularly acclaimed as the greatest musical genius of all time. A child prodigy who wrote his first musical pieces aged five, he produced more than 600 works before his death aged just 35.

Who are the 3 greatest musicians?

Lists#2004 / 2005 List1The Beatles2The Rolling Stones3Elvis Presley4Bob Dylan96 more rows

Who was better than Mozart?

How many of Beethovens works can you recognize? According to a 170,000-vote survey, the composer is now more popular than his predecessor Mozart - in part, thanks to cinema.

Who are some creative genius?

The 50 Greatest Living Geniuses (alphabetically arranged)NameClaim to Fame1. Paul AllenInnovator2. BanksyArtist3. Warren BuffetBusinessman4. Magnus CarlsenChess Master21 more rows•7 Sep 2021

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