Question: What makes someone a metalhead?

A metalhead is anyone who listens to, and loves metal music. “A metalhead is anyone who listens to, and loves metal music. Sub-genres are not a factor. Not all metalheads look the same, behave in the same way or like the same bands.

What is considered a metalhead?

A metalhead is a fan or performer of metal music and associates themselves with the metal culture. Metal is a genre of rock n roll that became popularized in the 1970s and has evolved into many sub-genres.

Are metalheads loyal?

The obvious joke to make here is that metalheads are loyal because theyre lucky enough to find one person who would stoop to banging them, much less two. But I think the truths a little more endearing: metalheads are grateful. Theyve spent a lot of their lives being told theyre stupid, evil, irrelevant, or lame.

What are metalhead beliefs?

In the musical subcultures of heavy metal and punk, authenticity is a core value. The term poseur (or poser) is used to describe a person who habitually pretends to be something he/she is not, as in adopting the appearance and clothing style of the metal scene without truly understanding the culture and its music.

What genre of music has the most loyal fans?

metal Around the world, Spotify found that metal had the most loyal listeners, followed by pop and folk. Classical and blues listeners tended to be the least loyal by this measure.

What does it mean when your hard headed?

English Language Learners Definition of hardheaded : not willing to change ideas or opinions : very stubborn. : having or involving careful and practical thoughts and ideas that are not influenced by emotions : practical and realistic. See the full definition for hardheaded in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

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