Question: What is considered rude in Thailand?

Dont point your feet: Pointing your feet at someone, raising your feet higher than someones head, or simply putting your feet on a desk or chair are considered extremely rude in Thailand. The bottoms of the feet are dirty: dont show them to people! Avoid pointing feet at Buddhas in and outside of temples.

What is disrespectful Thailand?

Traditionally, Thais consider feet to be the lowest and filthiest part of the body. As such, pointing your feet at another person or sacred item – such as a statue of the Buddha – is considered extremely disrespectful.

What is considered polite in Thailand?

In Thailand, a wai, a gesture where you place your hand together in a “praying” sign at chest level, is a polite greeting. To show more respect, raise the wai higher, to your chin or nose-level. However, you are expected to return a wai if somebody gives you one. Thai people also have a strong idea of personal space.

What are the dos and donts in Thailand?

Dont place your feet on the table while sitting, dont point to anything with your feet and dont touch anybody with your feet. Dont raise your voice or lose your temper; try and be jai yen. Dont be offended by questions about age, marital status or what you do for a living.

Is it safe to swim in Thailand?

The sea does contain dangerous creatures, such as sea snakes, lionfish, stonefish and jellyfish. However, its only really jellyfish that could concern swimmers, and these are not much of a problem on Thailands Andaman coast. Do not swim in the sea if there are red warning flags on the beach.

Is eye contact rude in Thailand?

Pointing with a single finger is considered to be rude and accusatory. Eye Contact: Eye contact shows attentiveness to the person talking. When being instructed or spoken to by a superior, it is respectful to lower ones eyes. Height and Bowing: An important way Thais show respect is through lowering their head.

Can you wear black in Thailand?

Many Thai people will be wearing black or white, but this isnt mandatory. Tourists arent expected to dress in the same way as Thai people, but showing respect will be appreciated by locals.

Are there sharks in Thailand beaches?

Seen: These sharks prefer inhabiting shallow waters near tropical coral reefs, though they also inhabit sandy flats. In Thailand, these sharks can be found along coastlines nearly everywhere in the country. The best places to spot them are in the Phi Phi Islands or the Similans.

Are there alligators in Thailand?

Thailand offers bounty for capture or kill of loose crocodiles, alligators as floods continue. Thailand – the most croc-infested country in the world – is home to a thriving reptile ranching industry that supplies the world with gator and crocodile skins, the Sydney Times reported.

What is the Thai greeting for hello?

Sawasdee The standard Thai greeting, a version of hello, is Sawasdee (sounds like sah-wah-dee) followed by the appropriate finishing participle to make it polite. Because the Thai language has its own script, romanized transliterations vary, but the greetings sound as written below: Men say hello with sah wah dee khrap!

Is it disrespectful to touch someones head in Thailand?

Dont touch peoples heads In Thailand, the head is considered sacred and the cleanest part of the body, so its deemed offensive to touch peoples heads or hair. If you slip up and do this accidently, apologise as soon as you can and youll find most Thais will quickly forgive you for it.

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