Question: Who goes first in arbitration?

The closing argument is a detailed review of the case characterized in a way to favour one side or the other. Here is what you should do to prepare: As with other parts of the process, the party bearing the onus goes first. This is called argument-in-chief.

Who presents first in arbitration?

In most cases, the party that started the arbitration initially by filing a claim will present their case first and the opposing party will then have an opportunity to present their defense, but the arbitrator will ultimately decide the order.

Which is the first step in the process of arbitration?

There are five main stages to the arbitration process: (i) initial pleadings; (ii) panel selection; (iii) scheduling; (iv) discovery; (v) trial prep; and (vi) final hearing.

Who starts the arbitration process?

Arbitration Clause in Contracts Typically, arbitration begins when two parties agree to settle their dispute through arbitration. The decision may also have been made for them by the addition of an arbitration clause to a contract that both parties have signed.

How long does arbitration process take?

The good news is that arbitration takes less time than a traditional judge or jury trial. A typical arbitration timeline can take around three months to reach a final decision.

How do I prepare for arbitration?

The best method to prepare a case for arbitration is to treat it as seriously as one treats a district court trial, deviating from good trial practices only when there is a clearly rational basis for deviation and presentation of the case will not suffer as a result.

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