Question: How old was Helmut when Kohl died?

Was Helmut Kohl Catholic?

Born in 1930 in Ludwigshafen to a Catholic family, Kohl joined the Christian Democratic Union in 1946 at the age of 16.

Why is the name stompie banned in Germany?

Stompie: Germany. Name meaning: A short man; also the name of a murdered South African teen activist. Reason for ban: It might lead to bullying or ridicule.

Who was leader of Germany after ww2?

Konrad Adenauer Konrad Adenauer, (born January 5, 1876, Cologne, Germany—died April 19, 1967, Rhöndorf, West Germany), first chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany; 1949–63), presiding over its reconstruction after World War II.

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