Question: How do I reset my Buffalo NAS?

How do I factory reset my Buffalo TeraStation TS?

To reset the TeraStation to its factory default settings, power on the unit and hold down the reset button for five seconds. In the Web Admin interface, you can initialize almost all settings, including things that are not initialized from the reset button without the data saved in the TeraStation.

How do I turn off Buffalo TeraStation?

Turning the TeraStation On and OffPress the power button on the TeraStation to turn it on.To turn off the TeraStation, press and hold down the power button for three seconds until it beeps. You can also shut down or restart the TeraStation remotely from.When the power LED turns off, the shutdown process is completed.

How do I update my Buffalo NAS firmware?

Go to the Buffalo downloads page and enter your model number. Scroll to the firmware section and select the firmware update utility for Mac. Once the download finishes, click on the downloaded file in the downloads section of the dock. Double-click the update icon.

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