Question: What role do grana play?

Grana are stack like structures called thylakoids present in chloroplast. they are disks where the light dependent reactions takes place. when light fall down on these pigment, they breakdown water molecules and release oxygen as their by product.

What role does grana play in Class 9?

Grana (plural of granum) are stacks of structures called thylakoids, which are little disks of membrane on which the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis take place. Stacked into grana, the shape of the thylakoids allow for optimum surface area, maximizing the amount of photosynthesis that can happen.

What is the role of grana and stroma?

Grana and stroma are two structures of chloroplast. Grana are the stacks of thylakoids where light reaction of photosynthesis takes place. Stroma is the jell-like matrix of the chloroplast, which contains the enzymes for dark reaction of photosynthesis.

What happens in the grana during photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis happens in two steps. In the first step, the light reaction, chlorophyll in the grana absorbs light. The lights energy is transferred through a series of enzymes in the thylakoid membrane, resulting in the production of two energy-carrying compounds: ATP and NADPH.

What is grana class 9th?

1)Grana(site of light reaction):It is a stack of membrane bounded,flattened discoid sac containing the molecules of chlorophyll. 2)Stroma(site of dark reaction):Homogeneous matrix in which grana are embedded. They contain photosynthetic enzymes,DNA,ribosomes. Functions.

What are grana made of?

A granum is formed when approximately 10–20 thylakoids, separated from each other by 3–4nm, form a cylindrical stack, 300–600nm in diameter and 200–600nm in height (Shimoni et al., 2005).

What is difference between grana and thylakoid?

Grana are found in the stroma of the chloroplast, which is connected by stroma thylakoids. The main difference between grana and thylakoid is that grana are the stacks of thylakoids whereas thylakoid is a membranebound compartment which is found in chloroplast.

What is the difference between grana and Granum?

Thylakoids present in chloroplasts are arranged in tight sacks known as grana. Grana is plural, whereas granum is singular. Two grana are connected by stroma lamellae.

What is the main function of Leucoplast Class 9?

ANSWER. The main function of leucoplast is to store the different food material. Leucoplasts are colourless plastids found in cells that are not exposed to sunlight. These stores proteins, fats and starch etc.

What is main function of leucoplast?

Leucoplasts are colorless plastids which perform the function of storage of oil, starch, and proteins. Note: Leucoplast also involved in the biosynthesis of palmitic acid and certain amino acids on the other hand chloroplast involved in biosynthesis of fatty acids and amino acids.

What is the meaning of Blaugrana?

Definition of Blaugrana Blaugrana is one of the nicknames for the Barcelona Football Club. It refers to the team jersey stripes. In Catalan, blau means blue and grana translates to deep red.

What are the two most important functions of Leucoplasts?

Leucoplasts are important organelles for the synthesis and storage of starch, lipids and proteins.

What is the main function of Leucoplasts Class 9?

ANSWER. The main function of leucoplast is to store the different food material. Leucoplasts are colourless plastids found in cells that are not exposed to sunlight. These stores proteins, fats and starch etc.

What is plasmolysis explain?

Plasmolysis is the process of shrinkage or contraction of the protoplasm of a plant cell as a result of loss of water from the cell. Plasmolysis is one of the results of osmosis and occurs very rarely in nature, but it happens in some extreme conditions.

What is plasmolysis give example?

When a living plant cell loses water through osmosis, there is shrinkage or contraction of the contents of cell away from the cell wall. This is known as plasmolysis. Example - Shrinkage of vegetables in hypertonic conditions.

What is Grana Padano good for?

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