Question: How do you do Pegorinos pride?

How to save Pegorino?

When the game instructs the player to save Pegorino, they must get down from the vantage point. Four men immediately start shooting once the player get outside. After fighting the enemies, the player must go up the stairs on the right and pick off the rest of the lackeys.

How do you complete commission in GTA 4?

In order to complete the mission the player must:Meet up with Roman and Jacob, who wait in a car in Alderney.Follow Pegorinos goons, theyll lead you to Pegorino.Pegorino is inside the old casino. Chase Pegorino.Get on the bike.Chase Pegorino. Accelerate off the jetty to jump.Get low and stay close to Pegorino.

Who is Pegorino GTA 4?

James Jimmy Pegorino is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as the secondary antagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV. He is also mentioned in The Lost and Damned. Jimmy is the boss of the Alderney based Pegorino Crime Family, which he took over after his father died.

Can you save Marco and Pete GTA 4?

It is possible to save Pete during Pegorinos Pride but the player has to focus on him or Marco only. If he survives the shootout, he will not join Niko and Jimmy in the car and he will still be reported as being killed.

How do you catch the wave in GTA 4?

Go to the truck.Drive to the boatyard on Charge Island.Get through the boatyard with Bell.Go to the coke boat.Follow Bell to the drop-off point.Protect Bell from the attacking boats.The attackers have been killed. Follow Bell to the drop-off point.Disembark onto the jetty.

How do you climb a helicopter in GTA 4?

GTA 4 Last Mission Space Bug Solution There is a bug in the fifth objective of the game when you climb up to Jacobs helicopter. You will need to tap the space bar repeatedly to jump in the chopper.

What are the 2 endings in GTA 4?

Grand Theft Auto IV has two dramatically different endings: Deal and Revenge.

Who voiced Jimmy Pegorino?

Tony Patellis is an American acting teacher, director, private coach, TV actor and acting coach who has appeared in several TV shows such as Law & Order and New York Undercover. He provided the voice of Pegorino crime family leader Jimmy Pegorino in Grand Theft Auto IV.

How do you solve the last mission of the helicopter bug in GTA 4?

The only workable solution is to pause the game before the jump open task manager and set CPU affinity to only use 1 CPU core for GTA.

How does GTA IV end?

Niko chases and kills Pegorino for killing Kate. Roman and Jacob tell Niko that it is over and Niko has won. Roman, Jacob and Niko walk away from Pegorinos body and leave the Island.

Why did Dimitri want Faustin dead?

Niko is sent by Dimitri to kill Faustin because Faustins recklessness is getting out of control. Kenny Petrovic also wants revenge on Mikhail for ordering the killing of his son Lenny and destroying his garage in Bohan.

Who is the main villain in GTA IV?

Dimitri Rascalov Dimitri Rascalov is the main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV. Dimitri was the right-hand man of Mikhail Faustin, the head of the Faustin Mafiya, with whom he had previously served in the Russian military. Dimitri and Mikhail travelled to Liberty City together and set up shop there.

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