Question: Who was the lady Colyton?

The Lady Colyton, who is thanked at the beginning of the credits, is Barbara Barb, who was married to Charles Addams from 1954 to 1956. When the couple divorced, she received copyrights to some of his work as part of the divorce settlement. She later remarried to Henry Hopkinson, Baron Colyton - hence the title.

Who is the lady coylton?

Barbara Lady Colyton (nee Barbara Barb) Former Wife Of Cartoonist Charles Addams Creator Of The Addams Family With Actress Angelica Huston Who Is Starring In Film the Addams Family. Box 757 1018051738 A. jpg.

Who is the real Fester Addams?

Christopher Lloyd Uncle FesterJackie Coogan as Uncle FesterCreated byCharles AddamsPortrayed byJackie Coogan, Christopher Lloyd, Patrick Thomas, Michael Roberds, Kevin Chamberlin, Brad Oscar, Russell DykstraVoiced byRip Taylor (1992 animated series) Nick Kroll (2019 film)6 more rows

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