Question: Why did Bjorn not care about Siggy?

7 He Abandoned Young Siggy Because Of His Hatred For Thorunn He neglected her because she reminded him of Thorunn. She died, becoming one of the many dead Vikings characters who deserved better. And even in her death, Bjorn showed little to no emotion.

What happened to Bjorns daughter Siggy?

Although Siggy fears to leave the Great Hall, Sigurd insists, and Siggy is later found dead by Sigurd, lying in the mud in a stream below a bridge. Sigurd mentions her death to both Aslaug and Ivar, who pay little attention. Aslaug is obviously drunk. Siggys death also doesnt seem to affect her father, Bjorn, either.

Did Bjorn mourn Siggy?

Bjorn had the potential to be a good father to Siggy, but he let the opportunity slip by. “Its one of those things that isnt addressed on-screen and youre to assume that he was told, mourned the loss, moved on,” a Reddit user explained.

Why did Aslaug smile when died?

For one thing, when she smiled when she died I interpreted that as smiling because she believed her sons would take revenge. Because of And my sons, when they hear how it was done, will be grateful for the manner of it... and not seek revenge.

Who did Bjorn really love?

Gunnhild is the true love of Bjorns life, as much as he has one, and becomes his equal and his partner in many ways. The two meet under difficult circumstances, but its clear that there is a true balance here, and a deep attraction.

Who is Bjorn second wife?

Ingrid Ingrid (Old Norse: Ingiríðr) is a slave serving Queen Gunnhild and King Bjorn in Kattegat, and later becomes Bjorns second wife.

Is Ingrid really pregnant on Vikings?

When she rejects his advances, he rapes her. When Ingrid realizes she is pregnant, she is adamant that the baby is Bjorns, though Harald insists otherwise. Its uncertain if shes lying, correct, or this is just wishful thinking. After Bjorns death, Ingrid marries King Harald and becomes Queen of Kattegat.

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