Question: Which is bigger Ford S-Max or C-Max?

The S-Max is significantly bigger - if you want a direct comparison, the C-Max is built on the same chassis as a Ford Focus, while the S-Max is based on the bigger Mondeo.

Why did Ford stop making the C-max?

The C-Max hybrid, as well as the plug-in Energi version, were first released stateside for the 2013 model year. However, the C-Maxs updated gas mileage failed to compete with its rivals at the time. The vehicle was eventually discontinued.

What year did Ford stop making the C-max?

Ford C-MaxManufacturerFordProduction2003–2019Body and chassisClassCompact MPV7 more rows

What is the biggest Ford SUV in the UK?

Ford itself is currently offering a choice of four SUV-style cars in a range of sizes, from the coupe-ish Ford Puma, to the compact Ford EcoSport to the largest Ford Edge.

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