Question: Who are Peithos parents?

What was peitho goddess of?

In Greek mythology, Peitho (Ancient Greek: Πειθώ, romanized: Peithō, lit. Persuasion or winning eloquence) is the goddess who personifies persuasion and seduction. Her Roman equivalent is Suada or Suadela. She is the goddess of charming speech.

Who is Hermes mother?

Maia Hermes/Mother There Mercury was associated with Maia, who became identified as his mother through her association with the Greek Maia, one of the Pleiades, who was the mother of Hermes by Zeus; likewise, because of that Greek connection, Mercury was considered the son of Jupiter. Both Mercury and Maia were honoured…

Are Persephone and Hermes related?

As an acquaintance of Demeter, Hermes became acquainted with her daughter Persephone, at the time known as Kore, while in the mortal realm. Over the years the two would keep their friendship a secret from Demeter, who forbid Persephone from interacting with men.

Who did Maia marry?

WNBA superstar Maya Moore announced her marriage to Jonathan Irons on Good Morning America Wednesday, but this is anything but a typical athlete wedding. Moore led the charge to free Irons from prison after two decades of wrongful incarceration, and during that process the two fell in love.

Why did Zeus sleep with Maia at night?

According to the Homeric Hymn to Hermes, Zeus, in the dead of night, secretly made love to Maia, who avoided the company of the gods, in a cave of Cyllene. She became pregnant with Hermes. After giving birth to the baby, Maia wrapped him in blankets and went to sleep.

Is Persephone good or evil?

Despite her projected protective and nurturing nature, Persephone is no pushover. Shes the queen of the dead, which includes having a temper and a sense of revenge. I know what youre thinking: the goddess of spring, vengeful? But its true.

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