Question: How much would The Six Million Dollar Man be worth today?

The Six Million Dollar Man would cost the government over $30 million today. Fans of cheesy 1970s TV shows will remember “The Six Million Dollar Man,” the story of Steve Austin, a critically injured astronaut who is rebuilt with bionic parts.

How much would the Six Million Man cost today?

Total cost: $6 million, or roughly $28 billion in todays dollars. Lee Major stars as The Six Million Dollar Man. Richard Anderson plays Oliver Goldman, the cyborg engineer at O.S.I. (Office of Scientific Intelligence).

What rank is the 6 million dollar man?

In the pilot episode of The Six Million Dollar Man, Austins background is adjusted: he is a civilian test pilot who was the only civilian to walk on the moon. In the regular series, however, Austin once again became a military man, holding the rank of colonel in the Air Force.

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