Question: Is Farnham snobby?

Farnham has been ridiculed as a town full of middle-class snobs in a damning review on the satirical website iLiveHere.

Is Farnham a nice area to live?

Happiness index. In December 2019, Farnham was rated the fourth happiest place to live in Surrey, according to Rightmoves happiness at home index. The property website surveyed more than 22,000 residents across Great Britain to determine the happiest places, and Farnham was placed 19th out of 27 in the south east.

What is the population of Farnham?

approximately 39,000 Farnham is the largest settlement, having a population of approximately 39,000. It has an historic core, and Pevsner referred to the quality of both Castle Street and West Street, as superb Georgian set-pieces in his book Buildings of England: Surrey.

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