Question: What animal is Flynn Skylanders?

Flynn is a Mabu pilot who is one of the main supporting characters in the Skylanders series. Calling himself the best pilot in all of Skylands, he is armed with a big ego and a love for enchiladas. He has a crush on another Mabu named Cali.

What animal is Flynn?

FlynnExpand Physical AttributesSpeciesElephant sealGenderMaleEye ColorBrownSkin ColorGray

What is a Mabu?

Mabu is a personal healthcare companion robot designed to help patients dealing with chronic illness. It has an engaging interface that blinks, makes eye contact, and uses AI to have intelligent, tailored conversations and improve patient care via daily check-ins.

Is Patrick Warburton Flynn from Skylanders?

Patrick Warburton (born November 14, 1964) is an American actor. His voice acting roles include Joe Swanson on Family Guy, Kronk in The Emperors New Groove, Professor Barkin on Kim Possible, Brock Samson on The Venture Bros., Flynn in Skylanders and Hugo Vasquez in Tales from the Borderlands.

Is Buzz Flynns father?

It is hinted in Trap Team that Buzz is implied be the father of Flynn, despite them both not knowing of this relationship. Cali mentions that there was something familiar about Buzz, due to him having similar personality traits to Flynn.

How much is a Mabu robot?

Kidd admits that making changes in health care is challenging. But since pharmaceutical companies and healthcare systems pay for Mabu, the cost to patients is $0.

Who does Flynns voice in Skylanders?

Patrick WarburtonSkylanders Academy Flynn/Voiced by

Is Strykore Kaoss father?

Kaos. Though he welcomed him as a son and offered him power and a spot to rule at his side, all is not as it may seem. Though Kaos was saved by his terrible memory, Strykore at first attempted to consume his power mercilessly to become free, and proceeded to lie about being his father to keep Kaos under his thumb.

Who voices Hugo Skylanders?

Harland Williams is the voice of Hugo in Skylanders Academy, and Minoru Kawai is the Japanese voice.

How did Joe break his legs?

Admitting to having lied about losing the use of his legs during a fight with The Grinch on the roof of an orphanage, Joe reveals the truth: after being exposed in an undercover infiltration of the heroin operation, Joe was shot by Briggs point-blank in the legs.

Is Master Eon dead?

Skylanders: Spyros Adventure During the explosion, the old Portal Master was pulled into his own portal, no longer appearing in his human form, forever locked in the space between realms as a spirit. Although Eon survived the destruction of the Core, he couldnt fight Kaos and The Darkness without his body.

Why is Hugo scared of sheep?

On his way to place the last segment to the Mask of Power into the safe within Eons Citadel, Hugo inadvertently led a disguised Goliath Drow to the safe. The Mabu was ambushed and forced to wear the Sapphire Amulet, which transformed Hugo into his worst fear: a sheep.

Who does the voice of Spyro?

Justin LongSkylanders Academy Spyro the Dragon/Voiced by

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