Question: Are Brent and Pierson together?

Brent posted a couple of videos alongside Eva in which he revealed that the couple dated, but chose to remain friends. Are you just friends? You can ask us both and we genuinely do not even know,” Eva explained. “We just love each other so much and we know were going to be in each others lives forever.”

Are Brent and Pierson dating?

Brents fans have even created couple names for him and Pierson. One fan tweeted: “Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski are meant for each other i totally ship BRIERSON.” Until Brent confirms he is dating Pierson, its most likely that he is still single.

How did Pierson meet Brent?

The two meet when Pierson was welcomed into Brents friend group. After when Brent and Eva went their speared ways. Lexi also asked questions about Pierson to Brent, but he wasnt sure about their relationship in 5 years. They were also caught on camera when Pierson was seen feeding Brent a watermelon.

Who is Brent Rivera dating in 2020?

Eva Gutowski And Brent Rivera Dating: Relationship Explained.

Who is Dom Brack dating?

Sofie Dossie is dating Dominic Brack as of 2021. Dom is Sofies boyfriend, and yes, you read it correctly. Wasnt that something that had been expected for a long time? We have no doubts now that they have made their romance public on Instagram.

Who is Evas boyfriend 2020?

The YouTube Star Is Dating Olav Stubberud. Shes off the market! Ever since she first stepped onto the internet scene, fans of Eva Gutowski — otherwise known as MyLifeAsEva on social media— know that shes always been an open book.

Who is Dom dating in 2021?

In 2021, Sofie Dossi is dating Dom Brack. Sofie and Dom are both Tik Tok stars and, by the looks of their accounts, he had a crush on her for a long time and asked her out on Valentines Day.

What is Dom Bracks real name?

Wiki / TriviaFull Real NameDominic Brack.Place of BirthUnited States.NationalityAmerican.EducationGraduate.School1. Orange County High School. 2. Margie Habor Studios.16 more rows•Jun 16, 2021

How old is Evas boyfriend?

So who exactly is Olav? It turns out, Olav is a photographer, who has photographed stars like Barbara Palvin, Halsey, G-Eazy, Dua Lipa and more! According to On Board MagazineOpens in a new Window., hes 27 years old, and got his start by taking pictures of snowboarders.

Who is Lexi Brooke Rivera boyfriend?

Lexi Rivera is reportedly linked to influencer Andrew Davila. Though the rumors have never been confirmed, the two have known each other for a long time and have constantly collaborated on videos for social platforms.

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