Question: Is Shandi Sullivan married?

NOW: Sullivan has yet to achieve the same level of fame that second runner-up Tipton is seeing. She had a busy few years in the late 2000s, walking in runway shows during New York Fashion Week and booking sporadic ad campaigns. She is now the wife of MMA fighter Sam Alvey, with whom she welcomed a daughter and a son.

Where is Shandi Sullivan now?

Shandi Sullivan, Cycle 2 According to her Facebook page, she currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Did Shandi sleep with the Italian guy?

She had a shirt that said Shanthrax. She took one of the best photos of the season. And then, one fateful night in Milan, Shandi got drunk and had sex with a handsome Italian man. The rest is history: Shandis sloppiness was an iconic moment, both for Americas Next Top Model and for reality television as a whole.

How old was Shandi on ANTM?

21 ContestantsNameAgePlaceApril Wilkner234Shandi Sullivan213Mercedes Scelba-Shorte212Yoanna House2318 more rows

Who was on ANTM twice?

She is best known as one of the contestants of cycle 12 of ANTM in 2009, and later the All-Stars cycle in 2011. She was the runner-up both times....Wiki Targeted (Entertainment)g Allison HarvardDebut:Nicki MinajEliminated:All-Star FinaleLast:All-Star Finale20 more rows

Who is the oldest ANTM contestant?

Erin Green Here are five fun facts about Erin Green, the oldest contestant in Americas Next Top Model history!

What happened with Shandi and Eric?

Shandi and Eric broke up only a year after the show aired. She worked at an exclusive spa as a receptionist by day, and did karaoke by night. She now has an Etsy shop where she sells cross stitches, earrings and various other things. Other than her Etsy shop, according to herself on Instagram, Shandi is unemployed.

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