Question: What are black metal fans called?

Heavy metal fans go by a number of different names, including metalhead, headbanger, hesher, mosher, and heavy, with the term thrasher being used only for fans of thrash metal music, which began to differentiate itself from other varieties of metal in the late 80s.

What is considered black metal?

Black metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music that typically takes on anti-Christian, satanic and paganistic themes. Black metal songs typically have a fast tempo and feature shrieking vocals, heavily distorted guitars and unconventional song structures.

What do metalheads do?

Being a metalhead is just about enjoying the music and getting into the culture that surrounds it. The more you listen, the more knowledge youll gain about different bands, albums and styles, but if you consider yourself a fan then youre already a metalhead.

Where is black metal invented?

Black metalCultural originsEarly to mid-1980s, England ScandinaviaDerivative formsDungeon synthSubgenresAmbient black metal folk black metal industrial black metal National Socialist black metal post-black metal (blackgaze) psychedelic black metal raw black metal symphonic black metal unblack metal9 more rows

Is death metal bad?

Death metal is a baffling genre to many people. The music is aggressive, the lyrics are often violent and misogynistic, and it has been blamed for inciting violent crimes such as rape and murder. We asked 48 fans and 97 non-fans to listen to music from bands such as Cannibal Corpse.

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