Question: Can INTPs be childish?

They can have a sense of playfulness to their personalities, but it is often tied to their sense of humor. INTPs simply prefer to be knowledgeable and mature, and are often more cynical than they are childlike.

Are INTPs child like?

Young INTPs tend to struggle with navigating the emotional world of their friends and family members. This can frustrate more emotional, feeling-driven parents who see the lack of emotional expression as a “cold shoulder”. They may push their child to be more affectionate, more verbally demonstrative or expressive.

Are INTPs charming?

ENFPs are extremely charming individuals, and often have a way of keeping people interested. ENFPs are generally good people though, which makes it less dangerous that they have such a natural ability to convince others of whatever they so choose.

Are INTPs motherly?

The Creative and Intuitive Mother They enjoy being able to guide them down this path of learning, and want to inspire their curious side. Being able to help their children grow and learn, while still giving them space to do so, is something the INTP mother thrives on.

Why are INTPs so lonely?

INTPs definitely experience feelings of loneliness, sometimes even when they have close friendships and relationships. It can be hard for them to open up to people, since they are deeply feeling people but dont fully know how to process those emotions. INTPs feel emotions deeply, they just dont show them outwardly.

Are INTP good parents?

The INTP parent is a calm and accepting ally for any child. INTPs are patient parents who open-mindedly accept their children for who they are, always enjoying opportunities to answer their childrens questions and help expand their minds.

Are ENFPs good moms?

While ENFPs are seen as sometimes eccentric and scattered people, there are aspects of their personality which make them capable of being amazing mothers. They endure their own unique struggles and challenges as a mother, as well as their own unique experiences that make it a wonderful life choice for them.

How do INTPs behave?

While they may be shy around people they do not know well, INTPs tend to be warm and friendly with their close group of family and friends. Because INTPs enjoy solitude and deep thinking, they sometimes strike others as aloof and detached. In social situations, INTPs tend to be quite easy-going and tolerant.

Are INTPs good dads?

When many INTPs become fathers, they become very close to their children. They are surprisingly capable of showing affection towards their loved ones, especially towards their kids. They often feel deeply connected and protective of their child, and want to do whatever they can to help improve their lives.

Who else is an Enfp?

Many famous actors, comedians and musicians are believed to be ENFPs (Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving). ENFPs are known to be warm, enthusiastic and charming....42 Famous ENFPsJennifer Aniston. Keira Knightley. Sandra Bullock. Sarah Michelle Gellar. Sharon Stone. Gwen Stefani. Robert Downey Jr. Robin Williams. •Sep 19, 2019

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