Question: How do you love an Enneagram Type 1?

For someone in a relationship with a type 1 personality, it is best not to escalate their stress when they are overwhelmed. Instead of trying to fight with them, bringing out the positives can be helpful. Let them know they are doing a great job and show them all of the wonderful and positive things they accomplish.

What do Enneagram 1s like to do?

Enneagram Type Ones like to do things correctly and to high standards, are sticklers for rules, and pay close attention to detail. They also avoid making mistakes. To others, they appear perfectionistic, responsible and exacting.

What do you say in an Enneagram 1?

What Type Ones tell us about themselves. I live with a powerful inner critic that monitors my thoughts, words and deeds. I strive for perfection and feel responsible for making things right. I focus on being good while repressing my impulses and desires for pleasure.

What its like to be an Enneagram 1?

Type Ones are people who are conscientious, sensible, ethical, responsible, idealistic, serious, self-disciplined, orderly, and feel personally obligated to improve themselves and their world.

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