Question: Why is Darling in the Franxx so hated?

Why Darling in the Franxx is so much hated? The simple answer to this question will be due to show being involved majorly in the character development it sacrificed the plot development. In the story each character have her or his own problems related to something and different personalities.

Why is Ichigo Darling hated?

Its obvious that Ichigo lets her jealousy run rampant and cloud better judgment, and it plays into some of the chaos that she causes for the couple. The possessiveness that she often had over Hiro is what made so many fans dislike her in the first place.

Why cant the kids in Darling in the Franxx become adults?

1 Children In Darling in the Franxx, children are not necessarily just small humans who will eventually grow into adults. Adults are immortal, but because of the choice to live immortal lives, they are unable to reproduce.

Does Megan have a crush on Hiro?

Megan Cruz Hiros time with Megan has made him think about the things he has missed out on. While the two of them have never been romantic, they seem protective of one another.

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