Question: What happens if I give Merrill the Arulin Holm?

Only Merrill needs to be in the party. Though Merrill has contributed her part, Marethari, doubtful of her, does not give her the ArulinHolm; instead, she gives the artifact to Hawke. Note: Aside from friendship and rivalry changes, this choice has no effect on the plot.

Is gascard Dupuis innocent?

Finding evidence that Gascard is a blood mage and is searching for mages escaped from the Starkhaven Circle, Hawke eventually finds Gascard with a woman named Alessa. Gascard claims to be innocent of the murders. If Hawke did not tell the templars where Gascard is he can be found in Darktown after Leandra is kidnapped.

How do I know my Hawke personality?

You can check your Hawkes personality by switching to another party member and then clicking on Hawke. Hawke will say something nice, funny, or blunt depending on the majority of dialogue choices thus far.

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