Question: Why did Dennis Schroder turn down 84 million?

During the season, the Los Angeles Lakers reportedly offered Schroder a four-year contract extension worth up to $84 million, the most they could legally pay him. Schroder rejected that offer hoping that a strong playoff run on a championship contender could help make him even more on the open market.

Why did Dennis Schroder turn down the Lakers offer?

Schröder might have turned down the extension from the Lakers for reasons beyond just money: Perhaps he wanted to play elsewhere; perhaps he felt the Lakers might just use him as a trade chip, as they did with other players on their roster this offseason in acquiring Russell Westbrook.

How much did Dennis Schroder turn down?

Dennis Schroder reportedly turned down $84 million from the Los Angeles Lakers and now, according to ESPNs Jordan Schultz has an offer from the Boston Celtics for $5.9 million. Update: According to ESPNs Adrian Wojnarowski the deal is done.

How much does Dennis Schroder get paid?

15.5 million USD (2020) Dennis Schröder/Salary

Who is Dennis Schroder wife?

Ellen Ziolom. 2019 Dennis Schröder/Wife Obviously, the internet is not going to forget, as memes and Twitter were on fire mocking Schroders misfortune. It seemed to have triggered some in his circle, as his wife Ellen, responded back to the haters on Instagram.

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