Question: Where is the nicest place to live on The Wirral?

Is Wirral nice to live?

Wirral is a great place to live with many things to do and see. Wirral is a great place to live with many things to do and go and see. A good way to see the Wirral on foot or by bike is going on the Wirral Circular Trail. It passes through some of the most stunning scenery you will see in the North West of England.

Is the Wirral safe?

Is The Wirral a Safe City? The Wirral has the lowest crime rate overall in Merseyside. However, reported crimes have been increasing slightly over the last few years, with 25 crimes being reported per 1000 people in 2018, which in an increase of 9 from 16 crimes reported per 1000 people in 2015.

Is Heswall a safe place to live?

The Sunday Times named Heswall as the fourth best place to live in the North West in 2018. Back in 2015, the Royal Mail commissioned a study which named Bebington as the most desirable postcode to live and work in England, closely followed by Eastham in 8th place and Wallasey in 9th place.

How many adults live on the Wirral?

The current population of Wirral is 322,796. Wirral has a higher proportion of older people and a lower proportion of working age people compared to England. The population of Wirral is projected to increase by 1.6% overall by 2039 according to the Office for National Statistics, from 323,200 to 328,500.

Where should I not live in Liverpool?

Fairfield, Tuebrook, West Derby, Stoneycroft, Old Swan and Knotty Ash. Wallasey, West Kirby, Thurstaston and Greasby. Southport, Formby, and Ainsdale. Garston, Speke, Bellevale, Allerton and Woolton.

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