Question: Which is the nicest part of Ibiza?

What is the most exclusive part of Ibiza?

Porroig Porroig: the most exclusive part of Ibiza.

Where is the peaceful part of Ibiza?

Portinax, Cala Llonga, Puerto San Miguel and Santa Eulalia are all great bases for a holiday on the quieter side of Ibiza. A mixture of bohemian vibes, secluded beaches, classy bistros, green scenery and stylish marinas, these resorts will more than convince you that Ibiza is much, much more than a party island.

What part of Ibiza is best for couples?

Where to go in Ibiza for couplesCala Bassa. A popular beach near San Antonio, and with its clear blue water and golden sand youll soon see why. Es Caná An easy bus or ferry ride from Santa Eulària des Riu and is another great beach for water activities and relaxing. Cala Vadella. San Antonio bay.Jun 24, 2020

Do celebrities go to Ibiza?

Ibiza has the greatest concentration of celebrities at an international level during the summer months, so it is no surprise why many stars have chosen the island to launch a range of their own businesses.

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