Question: Does Semir Gerkhan die?

In the episode Executive decision, he was forced to kill his own partner, Ben if he is to see his family again, which terrifies Semir, to the point where he nearly committed suicide for that. He then shoots Ben at the top of the building, revealing his death.

Why Semir killed Ben?

Ben leaves the forces and Germany altogether after making the hardest decision in his life, in the episode Executive decision, Semir was forced to kill him in order to save his family, but he used this as a deception to fool the gangsters, he faked his death because the pistol Semir used on him was a blank-firing ...

How old is Erdogan Atalay?

55 years (September 22, 1966) Erdoğan Atalay/Age

How tall is Erdogan Atalay?

1.6 m Erdoğan Atalay/Height

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