Question: Is Gir a boy or girl?

Is Invader Zim a girl or boy?

ZimHomeworldIrkAssignmentTo conquer/destroy Earth.RankInvader (formerly by the Irken Empire; now self-appointed) Food Service Drone DefectiveGenderMale7 more rows

How do I get to bloody GIR?

Bloody GIR is an easter egg that appears throughout Invader Zim....If you only see the eyes, the Bloody GIR you have just found may just be a smudge of red from a mistake in the coloring.The one from Mortos der Soulstealer is the easiest to find. In some cases, get close to your TV.

What are the tallest names Invader Zim?

From the left: Top: Zim, Zim in his human disguise, GIR, GIR in his dog disguise, Dib, Gaz, Bottom: Professor Membrane, Ms. Bitters, Almighty Tallest Red and Almighty Tallest Purple.

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