Question: Are the wands at Universal worth it?

The wands are well worth it. Yes bring some snacks in your bag. Universal allows you to bring some things as not everyone can always eat what is offered. However you can still eat at the park for next to nothing.

How expensive are the wands at Universal?

Traditional wands and interactive wands are available for purchase at several Universal Orlando retail locations. As of 2020, the cost of a standard wand is $49 and the cost of an interactive wand is $55. Lets take a closer look at how much wands cost at Universal Studios Orlando.

Does any wand work at Universal Studios?

A: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter wands last for quite some time. Since theres no battery life in all wands at Universal (and its all magic, of course), wands can be used in the parks every time you visit. Plus, the Universal Studio wand shops will take care of your wand if it stops working.

How much money do you have to spend to get a free wand at Universal?

Right now, if Guests purchase a Universal Merchandise Shopping Card (aka a gift card) for $250.00, they will get a free wand, which typically retails at $50.00. If you are a family, or, if you are a Guest who visits the theme park often, purchasing this gift card is a very smart move.

What can you do with a wand at Universal Studios?

Cast Spells Throughout Both Magical Lands. With a gentle flick of the wrist and the right incantation, Interactive Wands allow you to cast spells to create amazing magical experiences throughout Hogsmeade™ and Diagon Alley™. Wave your wand, recite the proper spell, and watch as the magic unfolds.

Can I buy my Pottermore wand at Universal?

Visiting wizards can also make magic hoppen with their very own wand. Inside this famous shop, you may purchase your very own wand. A few lucky folks even participate in a wand pairing ceremony and get chosen by a wand! Theres plenty of wizarding world wand fun to be had at Universal Studios Hollywood.

What is inside an interactive wand?

The actual setup consists of a near-infrared camera hidden inside of the animatronic display, with a ring of infrared LEDs pointing towards the user. The wand has a small retro-reflector on the tip which bounces some of the infrared light directly back to the camera.

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