Question: How do I get to Ardentmill?

Where is Grant Maplestory?

Ardentmill GrantFunctionElderQuests involved*The Professional Crystal ConstructionLocationArdentmill4 more rows

What profession should I learn Maplestory?

The two most important professions are Herbalism and Mining. This is because in order to Smith, Craft, or do Alchemy, you need to get the base materials which Herbalism and Mining will get you.

Which job is the best in MapleStory?

Magician had Wizard, Mage, and Arch Mage of Ice/Light or Fire/Poison, as well as Cleric/Priest/Bishop....Even more choices have been added to make a more comprehensive list of the best MapleStory classes.1 Adele.2 Blaster. 3 Cadena. 4 Hoyoung. 5 Kanna. 6 Demon Slayer. 7 Kinesis. 8 Aran. •Sep 7, 2021

What level is Meister MapleStory?

Once you reach Level 10 in Accessory Crafting, you can now begin to work towards Meister Craftsman level.

Is Hero Good MapleStory?

Heros are the best at bossing out of the three Warrior Explorers. They have tons of damage behind them, knockback resistant skills and 5th job adds in an i-frame for dodging 1-hit ko moves. As mentioned, the class is very simple to play, with very few skills you have to manage in order to be at your most lethal.

Is hoyoung good MapleStory?

Hoyoung is a very good class and has so much potential. If youre looking for a class that requires little management and presses a minimal amount of keys, this class is not for you.

What drops Meister ring recipe?

Meister Ring RecipeTwisted Time x 800.Superior Abrasive x 50.Mana Crystal x 100.Philosophers Stone x 35.Primal Essence x 1.Grand Spell Essence x 150.

Is Evan a good class MapleStory?

Evan has decent mobbing skills and whilst their damage might not be the highest, they certainly can hold their own when they reach fifth job. The class is very rewarding once you get the hang on remembering to use your skills. As a bossing class, Evan has gotten better overtime.

What weapons should a hero use MapleStory?

The Hero job branch can choose to wield a Sword (One-Handed / Two-Handed) or an Axe (One-Handed / Two-Handed). Their job specialty skill is Combo Attack, which grants Combo orbs when attacking enemies that increase the players damage, and can be consumed to utilize special attacks that debuff enemies.

Is Pathfinder a good class MapleStory?

The Pros of a Pathfinder are amazing mobbing, high mobility and a versatile moveset. The Cons of a Pathfinder are mainly the fact that to reach the top you are going to have to invest a lot of resources and even if you do, Pathfinder is a little low on the DPM charts.

What is Kanna MapleStory?

Kanna is a variant of the Magician class and is armed with a magical fan, and is accompanied by a familiar, the spirit fox Haku. Kanna calls upon ghostly wraiths to aid her in combat, and has her own, special form of quickly-regenerating Mana.

What weapon does Evan use MapleStory?

Evan starts his journey on a farm as the son of a farmer. As the Dragon Master, he uses a dragon to fight alongside of his primary weapon, which is either a Wand or a Staff, while Documents or Shields are used as a secondary weapon.

How do you become a hero in MapleStory?

Hero is a branch of the Explorer Warrior class. Upon reaching Level 30, an Explorer Warrior can become a Hero by choosing to become a Fighter after completing the 2nd Job Advancement at Level 30. Their second job is Fighter, their third job is Crusader, and their fourth job is Hero.

What is the best class in MapleStory?

Even more choices have been added to make a more comprehensive list of the best MapleStory classes.1 Adele. Adele is a Warrior who uses Bladecasters/Bladebinders and Strength.2 Blaster. Blaster is a Warrior who uses Arm Cannons/Charges and Strength. 3 Cadena. 4 Hoyoung. 5 Kanna. 6 Demon Slayer. 7 Kinesis. 8 Aran. •Sep 7, 2021

Adeles Link Skill is called Noble Fire which is considered one of the best when bossing with a party. If youre Bossing by yourself, youll still gain a 5% increase. Level 1: When you are in the same map as your party members, gain 1% damage per party member (including yourself), up to a maximum of 4%.

Is Kanna good MapleStory?

Kanna is perhaps the most popular class in MapleStory and is famed for their spawn-enhancer skill Kishin Shoukan. She is considered the best farming class as they can increase the amount of mobs on maps in MapleStory, similar to the item Wild Totem.

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