Question: What happened Mirtha Jung?

It is said that Mirtha was involved and helped George in smuggling drugs to America from Colombia. Few years into the business, she was caught and imprisoned for several years. After her release from prison, she changed her ways and had a stable career.

Was Mirtha Jung Colombian?

While Mirtha is of Cuban descent she met Jung in Columbia during one of the parties. She is the first wife of George Jung and greatly influenced in his drug trafficking activities from Columbia to the United States. Mirtha was much younger than George Jung when they met.

Whose wife did George Jung steal?

Mirtha George Jung was married to Cuban Mirtha from 1977 until 1984. She was instrumental in some of his crimes. She was also part of a huge drug cartel that smuggled drugs from Colombia to the US.

What is George Youngs net worth?

Obviously, $100 million is really impressive, but whats arguably more impressive is how he managed to spend literally all of it. Indeed, according to Celebrity Net Worth, George only had a net worth of about $10,000 at the time of his death, a far departure from his former multi-millionaire status.

How much did George Jung make?

This would imply that at George Jungs peak, his net worth was about $100 million. It was reported that at the height of his smuggling operation, Jung was making around $30 million per month.

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