Question: Who is the robot guy in Grandmas Boy?

The robot, voiced by Nick Swardson, discovers he is gay after a wine cooler is spilled on him and fries his circuit board.

Who are the movers in Grandmas Boy?

Todd Holland and Kevin Nash as Movers, two unnamed movers who work for Yuri.

What song is JP listening to in his office?

Q:What song or beat was it when JP was introduced to Samantha and he came walking in to the boss office? (from Jade in chicago,il)A:Natural Disaster by Fischerspooner. (thanks to Anthony, N. Chicago, IL) add more info194 more rows•3 Jan 2006

Do you like techno you would if you had robot ears?

Kane : No I just dont like techno. J.P. : You would if you had robot ears.

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