Question: Can you use Hinge without Facebook?

Yes, you can create an account using only your phone number. While Hinge requires that all our members authenticate their accounts with a verified phone number, you can sign up for Hinge using Facebook or Apple ID in addition to your phone number.

Does Hinge only work with Facebook?

When you install Hinge, you can do so using Facebook or your mobile number. I chose Facebook because Im lazy, and I clearly dont care about hacking apparently. Hinge uses a sophisticated algorithm to help facilitate connections, having previously used your Facebook friends.

Can I still use Hinge if I deactivate Facebook?

For those of you wondering if you can use Hinge without a Facebook account, the answer is now officially YES.

Is Hinge free to message?

Sending messages is free of charge, and there is no daily limit. However, you can only send a message to your mutual matches. You cannot send photos through Hinge; only text messages. Hinges free contacting features allow all users to find and form a connection with potential dates.

How long do Hinge likes last?

If a profile reappears, its likely they saw your like and didnt do anything or they didnt see it yet because they have too many likes in their queue or decided to ignore you. Doesnt matter. Hinge Likes Dont Expire.

What can you do on hinge for free?

The free membership provides users with enough features to create a profile, use basic filters, and start connecting with users. If you want to unleash the full capabilities of the app, itll cost you. Is Hinge free -yes.

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