Question: What happens to Eddie in Baywatch?

After spending sometime working for Baywatch, Eddie and Shauni decide to get married, which they do, leaving Los Angeles and moving to Australia.

How many seasons was Eddie on Baywatch?

Billy Warlock For three seasons, Warlock played Eddie Kramer on Baywatch while also appearing on Days of Our Lives. After that, he went on to hit most of the major soap operas, including The Young and the Restless, General Hospital, As the World Turns and One Life to Live. He hasnt been on screen since 2010.

What episode does shauni leave Baywatch?

Baywatch River of No Return: Part 2 (TV Episode 1992) - IMDb.

Does Mitch get married on Baywatch?

At his 20 year reunion, he was pressured into singing on stage. After graduating, Mitch married his high school sweetheart, Gayle (played by Wendie Malick), and they had a son, Hobie, who Mitch named after the surfboard company of the same name.

Why did Mitch and Neely break up?

It is later discovered that a desperate Neely had seduced Mitch into marrying her for some stability (their marriage technically was never legal), which causes Mitch to separate from her.

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