Question: What is the rarest color of lightsaber?

To be able to use them, they had to develop their skills and learn how to fight. The rarest lightsaber color in Star Wars is the black one. Thats because theres only one ever shown. The first Mandalorian child in the Jedi order used one known as the Darksaber.

What is the rarest Kyber crystal?

According to an insider, the rare black Kyber crystal is available if you get the red Kyber crystal, and the odds of getting them are 1 in 100. (See on Amazon.) The good news is that you can buy the Kyber crystals separately for $12 each, and they are available at the antiquities shop.

What is the rarest lightsaber hilt?

Why Mace Windus Lightsaber Hilt Was The RAREST In All of Star Wars.

Why is KYLO Rens lightsaber weird?

According to Star Wars: The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary: “Though Kylos weapon evokes an ancient feel, its components are modern. And the reason his saber has a “ragged, unstable appearance” is because Kylo constructed it with a cracked kyber crystal.

What is the most powerful lightsaber ever?

What are the Strongest Crystals?Ghost-fire Crystal. The Most DANGEROUS Kyber Crystal Ever Discovered - The Ghostfire Kyber Crystal. Kaiburr Crystal. The Most POWERFUL Lightsaber Crystal (Vader had it) - NOT CLICKBAIT. Synthetic Crystal. Kylo Rens Crystal. Darksaber Crystal.29 May 2021

What is the most feared lightsaber?

10 Deadliest Lightsabers In Star Wars, Ranked By Kills1 Yodas Lightsaber.2 Anakin Skywalkers Lightsaber. 3 Darth Vaders Lightsaber. 4 Obi-Wan Kenobis Lightsaber. 5 Ahsoka Tanos Lightsabers. 6 Luke Skywalkers Lightsaber. 7 Kylo Rens Lightsaber. 8 Mace Windus Lightsaber. •8 Mar 2021

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